Friday, August 8, 2014

Scruples-Live on amazon!

Logan had never felt more humbled than he did in that moment. The woman of his dreams had surrendered herself to him in complete abandon. There was no hesitation, no coy remarks or games, just uninhibited want shining from her eyes. The fact that it was directed at him was astounding in itself, and he’d do everything in his power to make sure she didn’t regret giving herself to him.
“Gorgeous.” He kissed his way down her body, stopping to dip his tongue into her sexy navel. She squirmed beneath him, silently asking him for more.
The scent of her arousal invaded his senses, alluring in its sweetness. His beast stirred from deep within, craving…seeking.
Trouble seems to find Carly Bryson wherever she goes. Her dream of moving to California to start a modeling career suddenly becomes a reality, but at what cost? Forces are working against her, sending her on a race against the clock to save everything she’s ever loved, including Logan Sanders. 
In this dramatized, romantic comedy, Logan Sanders is strung up by his proverbial heels in his attempt to track down the woman of his dreams. He’s strong, yet gentle, and forced to test his boundaries on a quest for answers, redemption, and ultimately, revenge.