Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ditter and Dawn interview live on the Daily Show

Tomorrow at 2pm eastern time, Dawn Montgomery and I will be live with Tom Randell on the Daily show. To listen live go click on listen live in the upper left corner then click on KSRM.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Today I want to talk about being Jaded.


dulled or satiated by overindulgence: a jaded appetite.
worn out or wearied, as by overwork or overuse.
dissipated: a jaded reprobate.

I have been talking with many recently that have admitted to being Jaded. I myself am jaded to a degree.  What I want to know is why? Why does it have to be this way. This brings us to men. Now men, I understand there are some sensitive ones that are no doubt jaded also, so we will skip over you for a minute. I want to talk about the players...The general asshats that use and abuse. You wonder why women don't trust you, you hate being the roll over from a previous relationship, and yet you do the same damage to this female in different ways.  I have noticed more times than not, women are a challenge to men...when that challenge is gone, so is the interest. I have heard so many times from men "It doesn't matter to me what her body type is"  or this one "I don't like a woman who wears makeup" or the most common one "It's her personality i'm attracted to" Yet the biggest complaint by men when they are ready to leave is "She let herself go..She didn't fix her hair and makeup anymore" Personally, I would like to hear an honest response from the men on what really does it for them. Cut through the bullshit and be honest. It may help some of the Ladies understand you better and know what you want.

Now, Ladies... Here is what we are guilty of. He doesn't give me enough attention, so he gets no ass tonight. We crave attention so much that we flirt with just about every man in a 100 mile radius. It's not to cheat, it's to fill a driving need to be loved, to be noticed, to be appreciated and wanted. To feel attractive and desired is something every woman wants. Men too for that matter.  I am guilty of all of the above, so I'm not pointing fingers, just want to hear others thoughts on this as well on what makes us tick. 

My ex used to look at me with such love and adoration in his eyes that it would humble and almost embarrass me. After a time that faded and he stayed angry with me more times than not. I never could figure out why, but I think I get it now. It was rejection in it's purest form. I had been emotionally rejecting him...that's when bitterness enters the equation. It's not that they no longer love you, it's they resent you for not loving them just as much. I don't think there is anything we can do to change this, which makes me's inevitable. With that being said, where do we go from here? If we don't commit, we don't get hurt and yet our hearts are always seeking that "one". It's a no win situation----Jaded.

Back to the sensitive men...You are the ones I feel for the most. Women are fickle creatures! They complain about a man not being sensitive enough...yet when they acquire one, they will step over him to get back to the asshat. The circle of life my friend. I have no advice to give you on that, as I am an asshat lover myself :) 

Have a very jaded day~ 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is love?

love, it's such a small word with an enormous meaning. What is love? Is it a chance happening, or a conscious decision? How many of you have loved someone until you got them..or didn't realize you loved them until they were gone? What's the difference between love and lust? Can you not even like someone and want them sexually...or love someone and not want them? Such a fine line. Is it possible to love more than one person at a time? Does love really die...or merely fade off into a forgotten place in the far reaches of our hearts...These are questions I have been asking myself as of late. I have found it in a couple of different forms. I have experienced love at first site..I have had love form from a friendship...I have been in lust and mistook it for love. Do we always want what we know we cant have...only to find that's not what we really want when it's in our grasp? Is love just an emotion...or is it a living breathing thing? I know it can cause illness...even suicide in some. I have seen people starve themselves, lose their hair...lose their jobs...go to prison...over love. It's an amazing thing when it slides into place...If it doesn't can destroy. I have been guilty of hurting those who have  loved me. It's so easy to dismiss someones feelings when you don't return them. I was talking with a friend yesterday about love...When you really love someone...You are willing to be in that persons life at all costs, even to just be a friend. It's called acceptance. It's a beautiful thing. If you can just walk out of someones life because your love is not returned on the same level...that wasn't love to begin with, but obsession. If they turn you on but it annoys you when they need you outside of a sexual nature, that's not love either, it's lust. If you cant have that person, and are willing to help them, be a friend and remain a part of their life regardless....That is love :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

What is it about a kiss....

A kiss---The meeting of lips. What is it about that simple gesture that can be so erotic? It's just two mouths touching, right? I don't think so. Kissing can be one of the biggest aphrodisiacs known to man! Close your eyes and feel with me for a minute. The heat of another persons lips...The slide of that soft skin on your most sensitive area....The gentle suction....the warm breath that mingles with your own....To have your bottom lip sucked on...To have that person hold absolutely still, while you slide your lips across their chin....jaw....bottom lip...that small area under their nose. To suck their tongue into your mouth while holding their face in your hands. I think it's deeper than that...I think it's a mental connection with another person while tasting them...breathing them in...It tingles through your entire body while devouring your thoughts...your very existence. The next time you kiss your significant other, try this...Have them close their eyes and hold completely still....Turn on soft music...breathe....relax...Put your hands on their face (Hands and face are hot spots, especially for women) Don't allow them to kiss you back...Softly rub your mouth across their chin...across the jaw....across the eyelids...down the nose....slide across the it again...a little firmer...same pattern...back to the lips...apply enough pressure to open their mouth a little....very softly suck the bottom lip into your mouth...breathe...slide up and suck on the top lip....That's probably as far as you will make it before you are flipped over...the rest is up to you *Wink*

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time for me to fly~

First let me say, I went to bed entirely too late last night, but I'm glad it happened the way it did. I had some truly incredible dreams..Ones you only have when you are absolutely exhausted! I was flying, well, floating really...above my house.It was the most awesome feeling, until I lost my concentration and began to fall. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, right? Well, I woke with my heart pounding, and a huge disappointment that I didn't take off and fly...instead I just floated there. Not that it wasn't a great feeling in itself, but I wanted to fly, damnit! I woke still feeling the disappointment. It really got me to thinking...That's my life, I'm floating, and as incredible as that feels...I want to soar! I have to keep my eyes on the prize and not get distracted by shiny objects :). My dream has finally come true! I am Co-authoring with Dawn Montgomery, which is incredible to me. I am working with some of the greats (Laurann Dohner) who everyone that knows me, knows she is and will always be my Queen. Life is a beautiful thing if you really live it. It took me this long to see I was always on the outside looking in. Well, I'm in now and I don't plan on stopping until I am a NYTimes and USA TODAY best seller!! Dawn is teaching me so much about writing and I couldn't ask for a better teacher! She has such a beautiful writing voice! She's so much fun to work with and so intelligent.

  My book group...Where to start. None of this would be happening without them. What a wonderful group of people from all over the world. They have supported me, cheered me on and cried with me through this crazy roller coaster ride I have been on! I want to say a special thank you to them! Laurann Dohner...Thank you Lady, for believing in me and giving me the confidence I needed to take the leap. Thank you to my family for supporting me and telling me I can do it, no matter what! Thank you Tonya Jewell for staying up with me and holding my hand through the rough patches. Last but not least...Thank you Dawn Montgomery for giving me this chance...I love you all very I'm ready to fly :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 9

The snake incident threw me. I began to wonder if things were getting out of hand...Briefly :) I thought I would wait a while...Give him enough time to grow lax. It wasn't an easy thing to do, considering I'm not a patient person to begin with. So, I wait, and wait some more...2 months in fact. It was the longest 2 months of my life.

   So, I had several weeks to plan the finale, and it was a doozie! I pulled the damsel in distress card once again. After waiting on him to come in from work and enough time to shower and eat...I sashayed over there around 8pm and knocked. He came to the door looking like something an alley cat drug up, but I was determined to win! I gave him the puppy dog eyes and very sweetly said "Can you help me with my shower, the water is spraying everywhere". He just stood there looking at me for a few seconds before saying "Let me get my shoes". I was already smiling inside...I knew I had won this war! I waited on his porch with his massive dog for a few minutes before he emerged. I, of course took the lead and walked in front of him back to my place. His poor little wife was left standing in the door shooting darts at me :) Once inside, I led the way to the bathroom...He immediately bent over the tub to check the water. I took the opportunity to strike. (Prior to going over, I put on red lipstick and a lot of perfume) I leaned in and kissed the collar of his shirt on my way over his shoulder to give him a hand. He figured out the washer was missing (Grin) and told me what to do to replace it. I was so grateful to him that I hugged him and smeared my lips on his collar once again! He pressed by me to leave and I took his hand "Can I talk to you for a minute?" The look on his face was classic. To say he was nervous would be an understatement. We went in the living room and he sat on the edge of the couch fidgeting. I spoke first "Look, I'm really sorry for everything that has transpired between us over the months. It was all a misunderstanding that got out of hand and I would like a chance to start over". He didn't know what to say, so he just nodded. I then went to the fridge and got us a beer. He looked even more confused by that. I handed him his beer and said "Truce". He popped the top and it was instant relief for me *Chuckles*. Not only did he go home with lipstick on his collar, perfume on his shirt...but beer on his breath :) Needless to say, I could hear them fighting for hours before I went to bed completely satisfied....until....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Co-Authoring with Dawn Montgomery!

Writing with Dawn Montgomery has been a dream come true for me. It's like nothing I have ever experienced. We come up with some story ideas on the fly...Others, we brainstorm for hours! No matter how we do it, it works for us. We think along the same lines on just about everything we decide to tackle! Right now we are working on a Christmas story....Book 2 in the Dark Talisman Series....The Guardian  series, and book 2 of Haunting Melody. There is never a dull moment. We have so much excitement and fun writing together! We laugh a lot.... always laughter...Some serious moments along with tears...but never, not once have we gotten angry! It's truly an amazing partnership and one I look forward to for many years to come! We are working on our website where you can find our WIP and upcoming plans for more. FoxFire is now available on Amazon and hit the top 100 best seller list by day 2. We are very proud of that. Be looking for book 2 soon. (Shift the night). We also have plans for a 3rd book in that series. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Margie Church

I recently ran across Margie Church, An erotic romance author. The first book I read was Razor...One she did with Kb Cutter. (Great book)! She somehow ended up in my book group a couple of months ago, and has this wonderful personality to go with her fabulous story telling skills!  She asked me if I would Beta read a book she is working on now (I am Jolene). Surprisingly enough, it's not erotic romance, but women's fiction. It's an incredible journey through the life of Jolene and the heart breaking trials she has to endure in her young life. I am really enjoying watching this story come to life!! I decided to pick up another one of Margie's books, so I began Nopeming Shores....Wow, another side to Margie....I have officially named her "Fifty shades of Church" :) This is a beautifully written story that will squeeze a tear out of the toughest of men! It's also speckled with lovely poetry throughout! If you want to read something that will stay with you forever, I highly recommend Nopeming Shores. Margie has several to chose from, whatever your passion! Check her out on Amazon or B&N today...You will be glad you did!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Relationships in the 21st century

Relationships today are far more difficult than 50, even 20 years ago. One of the reasons for that would be, there are 12 men to every 1 female on this planet. Now with odds like that, it's no wonder men develop a wandering eye. I am probably going to piss off a lot of men and a few women with this, but after discussing this with so many over the years, I believe i'm spot on. First of all, that fairy tale we call love, is a game, and if you don't know how it's played, you lose. Simple as that. Let me start by saying this...A man loves a challenge...I know, I know...You ladies don't want to hear that, but trust me...they do. I myself have fallen prey to it and it's exhausting, let me tell you! Another side of this coin in defense of the guys...Women let themselves go. During the dating process  we fix our hair, wear makeup, dress nice and take care of our bodies...for some reason after being in a relationship for a period of time, we begin slipping. It starts out slow...subtle things that aren't a big deal at first, but end up being disastrous! For instance, no more sexy clothes...Less and less makeup...The hair gets put on the back burner...We begin gaining weight and shaving less often. Yes shaving..I said it...You know it's true! Biggest blunder here...are you ready for this? SEX! Men love sex...they grow tired of being the aggressor...They want to be approached some also. Remember in the beginning...when you did everything you could think of to please him in bed? What happened to that? And guys...wipe the smirk off of your face...What happened to the romance? The foreplay? In my experience a man will go after you with both guns, until you give in...When they know they have you, they know you want them...they break you...the challenge is gone. They grow bored with it. Guys, say what you want about that, it doesn't matter to me, I know it's true, and you know its true! So what is the answer here...the middle ground? IS there a middle ground? Ladies, I have made some HUGE relationship mistakes, i'm telling you this so you don't make the same ones I have. Lets talk about trust. Here is another problem with women. Women need another female to validate for them. They need a friend to confide in...Its in our DNA. The problem is, women cant be trusted...Ladies, take it from me...DO NOT confide in another woman ANYTHING about your man..(It wont stay between you two) and will end up destroying your relationship or friendship..More to come later!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When it's over...

When is enough...
 At what point do you give up on someone? It's a difficult thing to do...especially for someone like me. When I care for someone it's hard for me to turn my back on them. This comes back to the head VS the heart in a previous post I blogged about. My head tells me to turn from it, shut it off and move heart is telling me to keep the hand extended in hopes a friendship can be salvaged. The difficult part of this situation is, I'm not sure how many more direct hits my pride can take. You can only hold your hand out so long before the arm becomes exhausted. I have a very assertive personality...very blunt with little to no filter. Maybe that's the problem, not sure. The bottom line is, it's beginning to feel bad. After an extreme amount of emotional trauma recently, I'm doubting if I'm capable of holding on. Love and friendship are both difficult to let go of, but when the choice is taken from you, it leaves you defenseless...Not a good place to be. My advice to you (the reader) would be...If you have a good friend...cherish them, be careful who you trust, and treat that person with the same amount of respect you yourself would like to have bestowed upon you. Anything less will destroy...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Teaser from the book Dawn Montgomery and I just wrapped up :)

Evil morning light pierced through loose slats right into her eyes. Melody let her forearm fall over her eyes. Thoughts of ghosts and intense sexual frustration made terrible bedfellows. She groaned. Another night with crappy sleep.
“That doesn‟t sound good.”
Her eyes snapped open and she dropped her arm. Less than a foot above her was the face of Travis Santiago. Her resident ghost. She narrowed her gaze at him.
Surprise crossed his expression before that wicked grin was back in place. “I wonder what I did to put that look on your face.” He put his hands under his chin as though lying on a pillow. In midair. The air around him charged with a strange energy.
“You know exactly what you did.” She could see the ceiling through him if she looked hard enough. “Maybe I should say what you didn‟t do.” She wasn‟t in the mood to be nice. Frustration and lack of sleep was a bitch to deal with.
“Ahhh.” He floated closer and dropped on top of her. Solid weight wrapped around her, pressing her against the mattress. “Maybe I should do something about that.”
Her body reacted instantly.
“Hey, I didn‟t say you could—” the words ended in a squeak of surprise. His mouth latched on to her nipple through the sheet.
He licked the pebbled tip and lightly sucked it to a hard point of sensitive pleasure. “Could what?” His breath caressed her skin beneath the sheet.
“How are you doing that?”
“Clothing is no barrier to me.”
She tightened the sheet around her body.
He looked up at her, and the lust staring back at her took her breath. “Neither is the sheet.”

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Neighbor Chronicles-Take 8

Well, the rotten chicken certainly served it's purpose. It was bad...REAL bad. Bad enough I could smell it when I got in and out of my car. I don't know how they could possibly stand it! It made me snicker every time I stepped outside. He knew I was responsible somehow, but had no idea what I had done or how to fix it...he just knew. After a week of no retaliation, I began to worry. It was unlike him not to hit back immediately. I think he allowed me to worry, as some sort of punishment.

  A week after the smell had died down, he struck! I come home from work and there is a gift by my front door. The card said, "Dinner this weekend?" How I fell for this, I will never know. So, I unlock the door and go sit on the couch to open the gift. I rip the box open and theres a snake inside! The hiss scared me more than anything! I threw the box across the room and ran! Great, theres a snake loose in my house and my neighbor on the left isn't home yet! After freaking out on the porch for 30 minutes, I realize I left my cell phone in the house with the snake! Now it wasn't a spider thank God, but I don't do snakes very well either! I crack the door open and spot my purse on the coffee table. I'm almost sick by this point, but I get enough courage to run in, grab it and get out before getting eaten alive! I called my brother, who came and caught the damn thing and set it free! He wanted to call the police, because he felt he had crossed the line with it. I of course said no...Retaliation would be sweet...and boy was it...Stay tuned..

Monday, October 1, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 7

As you read earlier, the spider incident was a line crosser for me. I had the troops gathered and downing bud light and smoking cigarettes like it was December 21, 2012 ;). We wait and's 1am's on! So, my brother slips out back and picks up our weapon of choice. (Raw chicken that's been sitting in the sun all day). WE all gather at the window to watch as he army crawls to the neighbors house with said chicken! I could smell it from inside, oh it was bad. We watch as he slides under their house dragging that rotten chicken meat. By this point I am having a difficult time holding my bladder! I have never seen anything as funny as my skinny brother army crawling with rotten chicken in my life! Maybe it was the beer, I'm not sure, but for Gods sake that was hysterical. My closest friends were gathered around, trying to hold themselves up while doing a leg crossing dance! (I guess I wasn't the only one who had to pee).

 As my brother disappears under the house, the porch light comes on! It's floater, trying to quiet the growling dog! My brother freezes, looking back at us...Wrong thing to do!! I lost all control, all bodily function was gone! I fell on the floor crying with laughter. I cried so hard I was cramping in my ribs area. It didn't help that 2 of my girlfriends fell on top of me and one lost her bladder..which started a chain reaction! We finally were able to drag ourselves back up to the window and be the look outs we were supposed to be! He was in..gone from site! I snuck out there and squatted down near where he disappeared earlier, and...I could hear him laughing! Oh dear God, I should have been the last one to go out there! I fell on my ass and starting crying all over again! I could smell it!!! I couldn't see him very well, but I could damn sure hear him, and that's all it took. He finally came out and started dragging me by my arm, while I was limp, cramping and crying!

  We made it back inside and there they all were, all big eyed and pale from laughing. I finally asked the question everyone wanted to know...What did you do with it? He very calmly replied "I cut a slit in it and put it in the duct work" Everyone just stared, before I went down again. Needless to say, it was a hell of an incredibly fun and painful night. I fell asleep thinking of the smell they were going to wake up to and have no idea how to be rid of it, and wondering a little about the retaliation...and there was retaliation....Stay tuned :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Authors that kick ass!

I must say, I have read thousands of books in the last 20 years. There are some that stand out still. Certain ones that I remember as if I read them last week! Johanna Lindsey, Bertrice Small, Julie Garwood, Sandra Brown, to name a few. Times are changing...I have ran up on some more recent ones that have blown my literal mind. Authors so good that I have bought and read everything they have at least 3 times. I highly suggest you check them out, You wont regret it! Laurann Dohner, Liz Crowe, Dawn Montgomery, Margie Church, Dianne Duvall and Brindle Chase!! AMAZING writers! There are a few more on my list, but start here..You can thank me for it later ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trust and Loyalty

Trust...such a simple word, one we use in everyday talk. Such a powerful word and yet holds so little appeal. "I trust you" "You can trust me" How easy it is to say, yet so hard to follow through on. Love and trust go hand in hand. If you love someone, you need to trust them. If you trust someone, you usually end up feeling love for them. Why is that? It's so's such a great feeling to be able to trust another believe in them, to know they trust you. It forms a bond between two people that cant be touched by others. Trust can be rebuilt if the damage done was not intentional. If the hurt was caused knowing in advance that it would hurt the other party, yet you do it anyway, the trust isn't merely damaged, it's destroyed. How can you tell a person you love or care for them and intentionally hurt them? I think we have all been guilty of letting someone down or breaking trust in our lives, but we learn from it, and accept our wrong and move on. Trust is so fragile...treat it as such.

Loyalty...ah the "L" word. Loyalty is even more rare than trust. It takes a hell of a strong person to show loyalty even when it causes you pain. Being loyal is the quickest way to build trust, and lasting friendships, or possibly love. All three are important. Guys, be loyal to your lady and she will trust you. Ladies, be loyal to your man and he will love and trust you. Lie to one another and months or even years of trust is damaged in a second. Use someone, be disloyal and you will destroy any chance of continuing a meaningful relationship or friendship. Food for thought....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 6

The usual weeks that normally pass without incident, all of a sudden took a back seat. Cock eye struck without warning! He truly crossed the line this time! Somehow he gained knowledge of my grand fear of spiders! Arachnophobia is not a myth. I happen to suffer from it! When I say suffer...I mean full blown panic sets in kind of suffer! White streak left in the hair kind of suffer! You get the point :)

  After slaving it up at work all day, I come home to my worst nightmare! I pulled the car along side the mailbox to grab the pile of bills that were no doubt waiting in there, with their greedy little clear windows showing off the Bastards who felt I owed them money! My hand brushed across something that moved. It ran across the top of my hand before jumping out at me! It was the biggest spider I had ever seen! I began shaking and crying uncontrollably. I dove out the other side of the car and danced around thinking he no doubt had gotten on me somehow! He hadn't of course, but arachnophobia isn't intimate with common sense! I had to calm down...He has won! I had to get back in that car, knowing...just knowing that spider was waiting in there for me! Waiting with all eight eyes on me...all eight legs poised to spring! I had no choice...I jumped back in still crying...not just crying, but the UGLY cry! You know the one, equipped with snot and splotches on the cheeks and forehead! I ran up on the porch trying to get inside and strip out of the spider infested clothes, and see a can with a lid on it sitting by the front door. I should have never picked it up, but I had to know...I opened the lid and three more massive spiders ran out!! I shot off of that porch screaming...running and ugly crying, straight to the neighbor on the left! He was about to call 911 before I could get out what was happening! I stayed inside with his wife while he took care of the spider situation and sprayed out my car (Just in case). Needless to say, good clean fun turned into full blown revenge...I couldn't wait for the reinforcements to arrive...He was going down...Stay tuned~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Co- Authoring with Dawn Montgomery

Some of you have already heard the news! For those who haven't, I am Co-Authoring with the amazing Dawn Montgomery! It's a dream come true for me, as she is one of my favorite Authors and has been since I read her first novel, Primal Hunger! I fell in love with her Dragon shifters shortly after that! We started our journey together a few days ago and I must say, it's been wonderful! We work so good together. We finish each others thoughts and sentences! The story is flowing like water, and I for one am loving it! This is a new and incredible experience for me! I am honored to be working with Dawn and I thank her for giving me this opportunity to write with her! We will be posting more information soon, so stay tuned! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012


What makes a friend....To me, it's someone that makes you feel good..That's there when you need or want to talk. A person, be it male or female, that makes you smile, laughs and cries with you when you hurt. A friendship should be 50/50, equal amounts of giving on both parts. It's hard sometimes to know when the friendship isn't going to work, no matter how much you may want it to. If you are picking up on hints they want you to leave them alone, or to back off, it probably means that they do. I suppose not everyone is meant for you, even when you cant understand why. They obviously have their reasons and those reasons should be respected without causing hard feelings. I have seen some of this in my time and have recently experienced it myself. The only advice I can give is this...If they are pulling away, or avoiding you, it means they are trying to avoid you without hurting your feelings or causing more do as they want and leave them alone. It may be difficult to do and it does hurt, but it's called respect. We should always respect others feelings, no matter how we feel it affects our own. Everyone has a fear of rejection to some degree, but to keep your pride intact, I say bow out gracefully.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 5

Two more flat tires...Really?? How juvenile! After calling for help with the tires and replacing more valve stems, I go to work with my brain kicked into overdrive! What to do...What is really going to get my message across?? Oh yessss...and the perfect plan forms. They have a big German Shepard that lives on their screened porch. It's not my fault it has indoor/outdoor carpet :) After work, it's another stop at publix...straight to the pharmacy to pick up some laxatives! I wait until midnight and make my move..a nice hamburger ball with several Exlax tucked nice and neat inside! I can barely sleep for laughing, so I set the alarm a little early and spring up like the bed is on fire! Now I'M the one in the blinds like a crack addict! As soon as he emerged, it happened! Not only did he step in it, he slid down in it!!! Oh it was beautiful! I have never laughed so hard in my life! He had shit from neck to heels!! The funny thing was, he had no idea I was responsible, so I was a little disappointed..sort of :D.

Weeks went by without incident, until I go to put the trash in the can on garbage's full of rotted food and maggots! I have no doubt he did it, as I would never do something like that! It was my responsibility to clean the mess! Oh my God what to do now!! After calling in reinforcements, we gathered at my place to plan our move....Thank God he doesn't know of my fear of spiders...or does he..? Stay tuned...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 4

So Mrs. Eye float found the condom! Now I don't speak any other language other than English, but cursing is obviously universal! I could hear the "F" bomb being slung around in rapid intervals! She had that condom dangling from her pissed off fingers...Holding it up high, and slinging it around like it was alive! He had a blank look on his face! Classic!!! He had absolutely NO idea what she was holding or why it was there! She stomped off inside with him on her heels. Pity, that...I was truly enjoying his tongue lashing! They emerged a few hours later, eyeballing my house with disdain! I guess he convinced her it was me...Such a shame! :)

2 days go by without incident. I'm walking out to check the mail and I have 2 flat tires. Standing there with my mouth hanging open, I glance up in time to see the blinds snap close! Thank God they weren't cut, only the caps were gone from the valve stems! After calling someone to come take me to the auto parts place, We aired up the tires and replaced the stems. It was war now!

I waited until 2am and grabbed a flash light....I went from window to window shining it in and flicking it off. The police show up appx 20 minutes later, asking me if I saw anything. Of course I didn't! Needless to say, it went on for another hour. I finally gave up and went to bed, only to get up to two more flats...and a grudging respect for my idiot wall eyed neighbor...Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 3

So...I ran to Publix today to purchase a cake for my lovely neighbors! I also picked up a card and quickly filled it out. "Thank you for delivering the cake, We decided to show our appreciation by delivering another :) " I deposited it on their porch very quietly. After a couple of days, I saw "Him" outside preparing to mow...I waved, smiled and said "I hope you enjoyed the cake! I wasn't sure what flavor you liked, so I picked up my favorite" The look on his face was priceless! Now I didn't do anything to the cake, but he didn't know that. Did I feel bad? Absolutely not!! I had a chuckle over that for 2 days....Until...

 I am running late for work, which is nothing new, but this morning was different! I had alot to do this particular day, and needed to get it done in time to pick up Keaton for a Dr. appt. Opening the door to my car, I felt something wet! There was something tan looking on my fingers that smelled worse than anything I have ever smelled in my life. I began gagging and ran back inside to wash it off! It wouldn't come off!!! I used Alcohol, bleach and paint thinner!! The stain came off, but the smell remained. To this day I don't know what he used, but I bow to him! It was brilliant! I missed lunch that day, I couldn't eat with that smell on my fingers! It took 2 days to wear off! Needless to say, He was standing on his porch smiling when I got home! I'm not sure if he was looking at me, or something on his right, but that smile was definitely for me and me alone! Time to think...I HAD to come up with something better than that, so back to the store I went. Heading straight for the condoms, I picked up some ribbed for her pleasure! After a few sly looks from the cashier, I headed home with a giggle and a new plan. Since it was a Friday evening, I knew they would be heading out together Saturday morning to do their errands (or so I hoped). As soon as darkness fell, I opened the condoms and took one out! I stretched it a little and rubbed it with lotion. It was going in his car...only it was locked!! Damn it!! So I went to the passengers side and pushed the condom top in the bottom crack of the door, so it was just hanging there, waiting on the wife! It was watch and wait time. I didn't have to wait long, BINGO! She found it...and the fight was on...To be continued

Friday, September 7, 2012

Telling Teddy-Book Review

After reading Dear Teddy, I had to read book two. I needed to know what happened to the Boy after what he'd survived. Things did not get better for him as the story progressed. Life happened, sure..but the abuse continued. This one was more difficult for me to read than book one. Possibly because I had lost some of the shock and attempted to understand what was happening in this home...Attempting to get inside of the minds of everyone involved. It was not an easy thing to do. Things got worse for him and I believe it was a turning point in his life. His acceptance..The shaping and molding of his future. The Author writing in a child's voice makes this easier to understand what the boy was thinking, how he feels, what he sees as normal, neglectful, hopeful. This is not a pleasure to read, but I feel that everyone on this planet should read this story. It will help you to understand people better, see things through different eyes, and know this kind of abuse happens daily, right under our very nose. A highly recommended read for those who care enough to make a difference.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Decisions..We make them everyday. Some small, some rather difficult on a much larger scale! Decisions are really a crossroads. I wrote about crossroads in an earlier blog, as it's very significant to me. I feel I've stumbled upon another one. Right or left, forward or back. I don't understand why we make wrong decisions, our head knows the right way, but our ignorant heart tries forcing another way on us. I happen to love my heart, it's one of my best qualities, so I tend to listen to it more than my hard head! I fear my heart has taken control of my good sense! You want something, be it a person, an object, a career, your heart is all on for anything! The hard head is pointing out all of the reasons to shy away from it. I found out years ago that I have this ability to shut down the heart...To stop the emotions...It's probably not good for me but it works. At this crossroad there are 4 changes that need to be made...The direction of my goals, (Got that one) My past (Made amends) Something that I want but cant have (I can shut that off) and last but not least (Someone that wants me that I will have to hurt). Gotta love these crossroads. I am going to hold on to this feeling for a few minutes longer, so I can remember them always, then I am cutting it loose. I will emerge tomorrow a different person, The same....yet not.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Why Women stop wanting sex

Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman, where the sex was exciting and often...Only to dwindle out after a few months to a year? I have talked with many women on this subject, and think I may have an idea why that is. In the beginning of a relationship, men are usually very conscious of us, very caring, kind and giving. After the new wears off, men tend to take for granted that we as their mates should know how they feel. The I love yous slow down...The flowers, candy and cards stop all together. No more hand holding and star gazing. Well, women love these kinds of things. Its emotional food for her soul. When it stops, a woman feels he doesn't care as much for her any longer, so why would she want to sleep with you? Quite the opposite is true for men though! It's not that they don't care for us any's a comfort zone. They don't understand how we feel because men think with their heads not their emotions! We cut off our hand to spite our face in this situation...I'm not an expert (God knows) but it seems to me that if men would wake up and try the friendship again, try to rekindle that spark by showing how much they care...a occasional card...Leave the bad attitude at the door, women would actually "want" you more frequently. A little piece of advice, Sex to women is about emotional connection..for men it's more physical. Think about this if its not too late...after some time of not getting the emotional support, women will usually find it elsewhere...and women...after some time of withholding will usually find that elsewhere also! Tit for tat! It's sad but's almost impossible to get that love back once it passes a certain point. There are a few women in this world that don't require alot of emotional stimulation, who love sex as much as men, but we are rare *grin* and it doesn't mean we don't like a flower now and then either...just thought I would throw that in there :)

We also love our hair brushed ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review-Obsidian by Laurann Dohner

I fell in love with the New Species after reading Fury. It was an incredible story from start to finish! As the books moved along, I couldn't decide who Did it for me more...Fury, Slade, Justice...Oh Justice! He was my favorite! Then Tiger came along and bumped the others out of their literal places! Obsidian took a bit of a different route for me (In a good way)> As with most series, they tend to become repetitive, not so with Laurann! Obsidian was a refreshing change. He had some of Valiants traits with a more naive approach. It was endearing, his lack of knowledge on the human subject. Allison was perfect for him..understanding and compassionate. The two of them will have you crying one minute and laughing the next..and the heat level was off the charts! I love how she brought in many of the new characters also. Breeze is really coming along nicely! This will definitely be a re read and is highly recommended! Great job Ms. Dohner!!Cant wait for your next masterpiece!!

True story- buy the book please and spread the word!

Telling Teddy review-By Azure Boone

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5.0 out of 5 stars I made it through the nightmare27 Aug 2012
This review is from: Telling Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Journal Of A Boy Volume 2) (Kindle Edition)
I finally made it through. And once again, I was persuaded by the voice of the nameless, sweet boy in the story, to continue on. I feel really weird and bad trying to find words when critiquing something like this. Can't say how good it is without feeling sadistic. But in the educational aspect, I can honestly say that I've learned so many things listening to this child "show" me his story. It's a roller coaster ride, but in book two, I witnessed the formation of disorders taking shape from the trauma he experiences. Not only did I notice them, I understood why. And sadly, the little boy's belief in his parent's lies about him seems to offer some kind of "reason" for the insanity. Even though it's an utter lie that every reader can see, the lie was a truth to him that he could not escape. It became that dirty feeling that you can never seem to wash away, they literally stained his soul with it.

I liked that book two was in present tense. I was utterly amazed and enthralled by the boy's thought processes and terminology for things. He was such a remarkable boy, I thought. Some of my favorite passages:

"There is a crazy dog there. He is called Snoopy. He doesn't look like Snoopy and he doesn't sleep on top of his house. He is little and black and mean. He likes to bite people if they got too fast." (on their bikes or skates)


"My Nan goes to the dentist because she has pretend teeth and the dentist gets to make new ones. He makes them with fire and things. Maybe they are hot in my Nan's mouth."


"I want to make her not do the stare thing. (his teacher, he's in trouble for defending himself)
I don't like looking at her face. She has a big lump on the side of her head. My Nan says they are called moles. I don't know why they are called moles. Moles are things that live in the ground and look like little bears. But she has one of the lumpy things and it looks silly."

These are just a FEW of the examples of how he speaks and communicates this entire story.

It's not an easy read at all. But I think it's one we owe it to ourselves, our children, and even society, to read and learn. To gain wisdom and knowledge in these hidden dark things. To know what signs to look for in case we should come into contact with a victim. To recognize and understand their fears and behaviors and maybe help stop or prevent such things.

It's not enough that we know about it. Unless we experience the horror, we can't really know. Being told about poverty and being poor is such a huge difference. And while we can't experience it truly, we can get pretty close with an account such as this.

Thanks JD Stockholm for braving such an endeavor and giving voice to this silent epidemic.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Part 2

It is painfully obvious my eye wandering neighbor hates me, or so I think. After the initial meet and greet, things go on pretty much the same. Ants in his car...A dead animal under my porch. You know, minor technicalities. One afternoon i'm in the back yard pulling weeds, I feel them looking at me (I could be wrong) but I felt as if they were. I look up and the blinds pop close like a crack dealer waiting on his buyer. After going in, I decide to go ahead and shower...well, the door bell rings. It was the no English speaking wife! She has a dish in her hands, holding it out to me! I accept it with grace, not having a clue what to say! I say thank you and ask if she wants to come in. She shakes her head no and backs off the porch. It's a cake in the dish. It looks so good, but there is no way in hell I'm eating that cake! All of the disgusting things I could dream up ran through my mind, so I dump it in the trash! I couldn't believe it..would He really go that far? The next day I'm on my way to the mailbox and the neighbor on the left sees me outside. He approaches me smiling. I smile back of course, I'm sweet like that! ;) The first thing out of his mouth floors me! (Did you get the cake my wife made?) I'm giving him the blank stare, to which he replies "My wife made a cake for your boys welcome home from the hospital". You didn't answer the door and we were heading out, so I left it with (Jim's wife)! I flat out lied! After thanking him and lying about how delicious it was, I excused myself to be embarrassed in private! I went to the trash and stared at it, thinking how good it would have been...but also acknowledging the almost sure possibility they had "Sampled" it before it was passed on to me. Any doubt I had disappeared the next morning when on his way to the car, Jim asks..How was the cake...sure smelled good (With a wink)....And off to make a store run I went......You can guess why~ To be continued...

Monday, August 20, 2012


As much as I love and depend on the Internet, it can be the hardest form of communication ever created! It's so easy to misconstrue something you have read. Things can be typed one way and meant another. The most important thing to remember about the Internet is, that is a real person on the other end of that keyboard. Things can be taken out of context, or even meant for someone else, and cause great harm. It seems I am responsible for causing someone harm without knowing it. Something meant about another person that was misunderstood. It's hard to rewind after that. Almost impossible to remove that doubt that will always linger. How do you recover from a blow like that? A public apology? That wont work...Anyone can do that to save face. I believe in my heart, the only thing that will work is to recover as best you can, and know this-- I would never intentionally hurt anyone. I don't have it in me to do so. My heart hurts that I hurt someone dear to me without knowing it. I cant change that it happened, and I'm sure, will never convince the injured party it was a misunderstanding. There is no anger in me about this, only pain and confusion. My advice to everyone would be, Always be clear in your reference of another. Always make sure your joking can not be taken out of context, and always remember, One word can make or break a friendship.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review of J.D.Stockholm's Dear Teddy

I am not going to begin this review with an I'm sorry, as I feel it would be an insult to the Author. It took an enormous amount of courage to write this book and I commend him for it. This story was told through the eyes of a 5 year old child, who endured a horrific amount of abuse, neglect, starvation and sexual abuse. I am outraged that a Parent could put a child through the heinous things this baby survived. I have a child just two years older than the one in this book. I can not imagine someone hurting him in any way, so seeing this through this child's eyes, shattered my heart for him. We know this goes on, but it's something you hear about on the news, or through gossip. There is something surreal about hearing it from the abused party. The blinders really came off after reading his story. He did an amazing job of detailing events, the emotions involved, and the pain felt. It made me realize something. A child may one day escape the abuse, but the abuse never escapes them. I felt an enormous amount of love for this little boy, and would have given anything if I could have stepped through this book and held him, took him away from it all and shown him what love feels like. It was an emotional read, but one I do not regret picking up. It woke me up, and I highly recommend reading it. The Author brought out detail and realism that's difficult to capture in memoirs. 5 stars.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Neighbor Chronicles....:D

So, My Neighbor, bless his heart, has a floating eye. Having no idea, I took it to heart when he wouldn't wave back, or acknowledge the bird I sent him first thing in the morning! I tried everything, even went so far as to step outside in my sexiest ensemble! Nothing, Nada! Hmmmm what to do now? Several ideas floated through my mind, which got discarded immediately. I decided to borrow something, but what? Sugar? Too cliche'...Hmm bum a smoke? Too Ghetto...A rake? Too 90210...Then it hit me...Battery cables! So...I walk over with the mission impossible music in my head, and knock! His little tiny foreign wife answers the door! She doesn't speak English! WTF do I do now? So, I end up doing charades on her front porch, trying to make her understand I need battery cables! She comes out with everything from an extension cord, to a crock pot 0_o (Don't ask). I finally wave her off with my apologies for disturbing her and trot back to my domain! So, Halloween rolls around, and my opportunity is finally here!! I grab the Boys hand, and we walk over to Trick or Treat the rude and unfeeling neighbor! They had the porch decorated to the nine baby, I was impressed! Dodging the fake spiders, I ring the bell. She comes out first and deposits the candy in the Boys fabulous skull bag (I proudly made him)! He finally steps out behind her and we make eye contact...All three of us!!! I was mortified! Unsure of which eye to look at, I stared at her, talking in rapid fire! After removing the foot from my mouth, I backed out of the fake spiders and made my way down the sidewalk feeling like a total ass! All of this time thinking him rude and he wasn't even looking at me! I glanced back only once, just in time to catch the bird being thrown back in my direction! This was the beginning of many underhanded nights of plotting on both of our parts, for months to come....Stay tuned....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Magic of the internet!

So, we live in the cyber era...Not a bad thing really, considering it has enabled me to travel to the ends of the earth still in my pajamas! I have heard many of the older generation express their negative thoughts without first experiencing the joys of the cyber world! "When I was growing up, we shook hands and spoke eye to eye" Or, "If I want to talk to someone, I just pick up the phone" Here's a really good one... "When I was a child, I walked 10 miles in the snow with no shoes" ~.^ Well, let me break it down for you... When the radio was invented, "It's of the devil" Its evil, I'll not have that in my home!!" Again ~.^ Then came the Television! Oh my, talk about evil!! *Insert eye roll* Before you knew it, not only did you have a radio, a phone and a T.V..But  I would be willing to bet the farm your car has a CD player also!! :) I would like to express myself ... Are you paying attention?!?!  I have connected to some incredible People around the world, I would never have had the pleasure of knowing without this Monitor with a keyboard! My life has exploded forward at a pace that is mind blowing, and I'm loving every minute of it! *Waves to New York Times and USA TODAY* ;) Hundreds of fabulous Authors, Publishers, fellow Bloggers, Reviewers, Inspiring, motivating People, and most important of all...THE READERS!! You are the ones who truly rock! You make all of this happen for all of the above mentioned! Laurann Dohner...I mean wow...One of the greats, not to mention my #1 Author and Creator of all things Species!!! Liz Crowe...Incredible Author and Creator of Jack Gordon!! Dawn Montgomery...Author and Creator of my favorite Dragon shifters!! The Internet made it possible for me to connect to these amazing People spread out all over the world! I for one am humbled by it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Review-No Dragon No Problem! Dawn Montgomery

 That was one of the best Dragon stories I have ever read!! Dash and Tasminia were so perfect together...!! Dash is way too sexy and Tasminia is an adorable little smart mouth running from her current situation...straight into the arms of a Dragon...or is he? Hmmm you will have to read it to find out! The love scenes were sizzling hot!!!! It's complete with sex, humor, Dragons, and Magic! It's not a novel, but it's not just a short read either. It was perfect Dawn!!! 5 Stars!!! Highly recommend this book! Loved book 2 also...Review coming soon! #1 best seller material here!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Always follow your heart? ~.^

So, I have heard the saying "Always follow your heart" too many times to count! Here's the thing....The heart makes excuses! It's blind, it's naive and overlooks the obvious! The head....that inner voice that's our common sense, recognizes these faults our hearts have...hence the battle of wills! Have you ever wanted something so bad that even your ignorant heart realizes it's making excuses not to turn away? Now flip this around! I have been reading for 20 years. I have always wanted to write, but spent years putting other things ahead of what I desired most. My head was telling me to stay straight and take care of business. My heart was telling me turn from my head and grab what I wanted! I can do it....I DID do it! Life is all about do's and donts...Should I...I know I shouldn't....Go for it....walk away from it! I just seem to jump heart AND head first into everything! It works for me. I'm not without fear...I'm also pulling blinders off as I go. Shedding layers of doubt, layers of ignorance, and layers of anchors. In the past week alone....Blinders have been taken off...about my entire life really...All of my bad choices, my embarrassing naivety, but most of all my excuses! It's becoming more clear by the day! I have also met some fabulous people on this journey...Some incredible women and a few men who believe in me, trust me and would do anything for me...A career that has taken off, and a whole world in front of me just waiting for me to grab it and run!! As Fayth Devlin would say...I picked the music!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Musings of Brian Collier: Six Sentence Sunday #3

The Musings of Brian Collier: Six Sentence Sunday #3: I'm participating in Six Sentence Sunday again and hope you like today's entry :)     “Remember when I said our first time would be...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Control Freaks....Thoughts?

OK so I have dealt with certain control freaks in my time, but it seems that recently I have encountered it like a bloody religion! What makes a person want to control another person? Especially their spouse or companion? I mean get real! WTF? An individual marries another individual after falling in love with them just as they are! AFTER they tie the imaginary knot, suddenly you're not good enough! You must conform to the way they think you should be. What they don't realize, is you were this way when they married or dated why change that? I'll tell you why...They are insecure and afraid...Cowards really, with a capital C! Men...You don't "let" your wife or "allow' her to do things! Shes your wife, not your Daughter!!  Women, you don't "let" your Husband spend his own money! He earned it...I mean come on! Why not love them for who they are? A piece of advice if you want to keep them...Re-evaluate whats important and get back to that first love...Ease up on the control issues before they become bitter and resent you for it! 50% of divorces are due to resentment. Women don't cheat because they want sex...They cheat because they want acceptance! Men cheat because sex is usually withheld. Why not allow a person to be themselves, live their dreams...I'd bet the farm the sex wouldn't be withheld...Try it~

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's that time!

OK, so every once in a while I don't watch where I put my feet. It's common knowledge amongst us clumsy ones, if you're not careful, you fall! Simple as that! Thing is, I like being clumsy! I like not always watching where I am going...not being so careful. Once in a while you stumble onto something that changes your life! Be it a Person, a career, or something spiritual! My life has taken many different routes in the past few months, and I have to say, I have no regrets! I have learned and achieved so much! It's actually spinning faster than I can keep up, and it's an incredible feeling! I have met some amazing People on this journey...People who have taught me things about myself I knew I was missing, but didn't take that step to grab on to it! I'm going straight to the top, and you know what? That's exactly where I deserve to be :) So remember this...Only the truly greats are born from determination..Don't give up EVER! Go after what you want...If you don't get it...There is something bigger and better around the next corner! I'm at the crossroads again, as attractive as East and West are, I've decided to keep heading North! Watch me fly!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


What is jealousy? It's an emotion that stems from our own insecurities. I have never been a jealous person myself. Not that I haven't experienced it, I have...I just don't obsess over it! I have dealt with jealousy from others before and I must will ruin a relationship faster than money problems! Which by the way is the number one cause of divorce in the United States! What causes us to have trust issues? I have heard it from the mouths of so many that it's caused from being cheated on. I don't think that's truly the case! I think it stems from cheating, not being cheated on! Our subconscious tends to think that others think and feel the same as we do. Therefore, if we have cheated, or are capable of cheating, we are automatically going to be insecure in our relationships. I have been guilty of it myself! I have cheated before, therefore I don't assume that I am not being cheated on. Make sense? I have also been the one that was cheated on. Here's the thing though...I asked my Dad once, long ago, if there was a man out there that wouldn't cheat! His reply to that was.. "Well, there are one or two....That SAY they wont, but no, there isn't a man that wont if given the right circumstance! So how do I take that....Hmmmm...Is it the "what you don't know wont hurt you" stand I should take, and turn a blind eye, or be watchful and exhausted all the time? I have talked with several Men about this subject, and they have all told me the same thing...If they do it, it means nothing to's just an act in the moment! If a Woman does it, emotions are involved and therefore unforgivable in their book! So in other words...A Woman needs a reason to do it, and a Man just needs a place. Interesting. Any thoughts?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fake Orgasm?.......Thoughts?

Why do so many Women fake orgasms? Why are we so quick to blame our partner? In all reality, it's not our partners fault! When two people initially begin seeing one another, They want to please each other to the point of putting their own personal likes aside to make the other happy. This is the beginning of the cycle of fake orgasms for years to come! If you cant be honest with one another about what pleases you, how you like it, or don't like it...How are they to know? After some time, it becomes the norm to fake it, to get it over with without hurting feelings. Now this tells me one important thing here...You obviously have feelings for your partner, to not want to hurt them by informing them they aren't doing what you like. Here's the thing though...If it goes on so long, how do you change it? How do you tell someone you have been faking it for months, or even years, it's not doing it for you? The first thing that is bound to happen is a blow to the pride, the loss of trust...because initially you have been lying to them all along. How do you break the cycle? My advice to newly found honest from the start..You aren't going to lose someone by letting them know what you like and what does it for you. Try it...It really works ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fantasy VS Reality----Thoughts?

In everyday life we tend to fantasize. No one knows we are doing it. It can happen in the middle of a bed with someone... Having a conversation with a friend, Watching T.V...eating dinner...etc etc. What makes us fantasize? Is life really that bad? I believe we fantasize for different reasons, but ultimately it's because we are not satisfied! Something is missing in our lives that bring the fantasy world into play! Do you fantasize...or are you a realist? How about in your reading material? I like a little of both and I will be the first to admit that I fantasize quite often! Reality sometimes sucks the big one! How deep into fantasy do you go? I noticed in my group yesterday, someone wrote a book about sexy Zombies! 0_o Yeah....
A few months ago I read a couple of books by Dawn Montgomery in her WTF Dragon series. Dragon shifters, now there is a fantasy! In reality, would I want a Dragon shifter? I would have said, um no...That was until I read No Dragon No problem! I believe I would have to keep Dash! He was beyond delicious! The humor was way too cute also! Book 3 is in the works I hear...Another welcome addition to my fantasy! ;) On a more serious note, if my life was perfect and I had all I wanted or needed...I'd still want a taste of Dash! haha~

Monday, July 9, 2012

On the couch with Wayne Caraway!

Before we get started, I just want to say: Thank you for allowing me to interview you! I know how busy you are and this is a great honor for me! Have some coffee while I get these questions ready. :)

  How old were you when you began to realize you were a dreamer?

Oh wow! I've been a dreamer since I can remember, I'm not sure when I realized there was a name for it lol
When I was around eight or nine my Mom bought me a key chain that said "only those who dare to dream can make a dream come true" it totally messed me up mentally in a good way, from that day forward I was living in a fantasy world a dream world if you will, I created Wayne's world long before there was a movie ;)
Did you feel different from others, see things differently growing up?
Yes, I knew I was different at a young age, I spent a lot of time alone, like most kids I believed in myself but unlike most kids I didn't allow life to take away that belief system, it's like I never grew up, nothing ever shattered my belief in myself, I believed then and I do now that if I can dream it I can accomplish it.
I accepted that I was different and I have to say that for the most part my friends did as well, everyone knew I had huge dreams and very few tried to discourage me.

I met you when you were very young, playing music. You were good at that also! Tell me about what drove you to be the best!

I'm not sure I can put that into words....I'll try.... you know that old saying "if you're not the lead dog the view never changes"? that's how I felt and still do, there was always this drive to be better, in my mind second place was the first loser and I hate to lose with a passion, I'm very competitive by nature. I believe if you are going to do something be better than the best, if what you're doing does not provoke that kind of passion and commitment from you then find something that does.
I remember walking into a music store at 10 years old, I had saved enough money to buy my first set of new drums, the manager of that store was A J, I'll never forget him looking down over the counter and asking me, you want to be the best? I replied Yes Sir, he said then practice a minimum of four hours a day, well I took his advice and didn't miss a day for 4 years, right before my 15th birthday I got a job playing drums for my musical hero's,, I spent the next several years playing with what I consider to be some of the best in the business, all because one man told me what it took to be the best and I believed him. I don't know if that answers your question, all I know is that there is this white hot passion inside me that drives me, I can't explain in and I cant control it, if you're not going to be the best then why do it?

Is there anyone in particular who influenced you to open your mind and heart and reach for your dreams?

Other than my Mom buying me that Key chain and telling me that I could do anything I wanted, I can't say there was anyone else.
I had a huge imagination as a kid and a belief system that matched it, as a kid I was fascinated by interviews of successful people and I always thought to myself, they aren't any different than me, if they can do it then I can too.

I have noticed that you continually motivate and reach out to others...You have to honestly care about others to have that gift. What motivates YOU?

What motivates me is the way I feel, I want others to feel this way, I can't imagine living a life of acceptance and settling, is that really living? if this is as good as it gets then why should I get up in the morning? seriously, what's the point? I don't believe we were created to accept life the way it is, I'm not playing the cards I was dealt, if I don't like my hand I'm throwing it back and demanding a new hand, I may have to change tables but I'll go get what I want and what I feel I deserve, that's the way we need to look at life, if you don't like it then change it, its really that simple but we make it complicated with our poor pitiful me excuses, look what happened to me, look what they did, look what I lost, look what, look what ,look what.....How about shut up, get up and say SO WHAT!!! life happened, people hurt and sometimes bad things happen, but so what, its not the end, it does not mean give up and settle it just means you're human. It also means you have an opportunity to prove to yourself and the whole world just how powerful you are, that you cant be beat by life or anything it throws your way, failure isn't an option unless you make it one, the only limits we have are the ones we place upon ourselves, life is like a book, its our story and we are the Author, if we don't like the way its turning out all we have to do is keep writing.
If I can spend my life teaching people to get up and say so what, then I will have lived my dream life....that's what motivates me.

You may as well get comfortable, take the couch! Liz Crowe was the last person on that couch and she smells nice, so no worries ;)

Liz! what is that you're wearing? is that sunflowers? (Wayne asked that, not me, Liz)

I know that you are writing a book. Can you tell me a little about it?

I was sitting in my recliner one evening watching a talent show when this gentleman walked out on the stage, I say walked, but what I mean is he did the best he could, he had several physical handicaps and could barely walk, he was asked how old he was and when he opened his mouth his speech wasn't very clear either, his answer was he didn't know, he was found in a box on the side of the road so he had no way of knowing who or how old he was, he started to sing and I was blown away at his amazing skill, not talent you see talent is what we are born with but skill is what we develop our talents into and he had wanted to be a singer for as long as he could remember so he practiced and studied other artists and practiced some more, nobody would have given it a second thought had he not ever tried to do anything with his life, after all weren't the odds stacked against him? he didn't even consider not trying, he wanted therefore he went after.
After watching his performance I wrote in my pad a couple questions that popped in my head.
What is it that makes one sit on the couch and complain about life and or circumstances and another overcome all obstacles and create their dreams?
What is it that causes one to accept that this is as good as it gets but pushes another to succeed?
What is it in a man that disables one but enables another? How can one face what most would consider life and ordinary circumstances and completely give up and just exist?
What makes one person live a life of acceptance and settling yet another faces extreme challenges maybe even physical handicaps and seems to become stronger with each challenge?
What makes them become more defiant, more willing to lay it all on the line and face life with the attitude that nothing can defeat me, with the determination that I am bigger than anything life can throw my way.
Why it is that adversity causes some to break and others to break records?
I decided to go on a journey looking for the answers to my questions and what I found to be the answer was so simple it blew my mind so I decided to write a book that will help others see that they too can do or be anything they want to do or be.

When you finish that book, I want the first autographed copy!! Agree to that and you can have the remote! :)

The remote? Is that really fair Ditter the Great? after all I am a man, how can I argue when you have something no man can live without....the coveted remote.
you have a deal!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living my dream life, writing and traveling the country, speaking on stage and holding workshops for people who want to get up, people who Dare to Dream.

I would like to add that I visit your Dare to Dream page a couple of times a day. It has changed my life. It's changed the way I see things, The way I see others, and opened my mind to the potential that was there all along! Thank you for that! It's been an honor to know you...

Thank you Ditter. The response I have gotten from that page in a short amount of time has been amazing, I consider it an honor to get to be involved in so many people's lives on a daily basis.

There are two recliners in this couch..If you would be so kind as to move your feet, I'll take the one on the left AND the remote, while you tell me about Wayne Caraway! :)

Just as I was getting comfortable lol
So you want to hear about Wayne Caraway huh? well where do I  start? I'm just a country boy from Plant City Florida that refused to buy into the self limiting beliefs that so many buy into.

I love to laugh and think I have a pretty good sense of humor, most of all I love to make others laugh.
I still have a very strong passion for music and even though I don't really play anymore music is still a huge part of my life.
I am addicted to motivational material and read as well as listen to it daily.
I am also a Network Marketer, I got involved in that business about 3 years ago and I love it, it allows me to help others learn how to make extra money from home, it also allows me into their lives where I can deliver my message of hope and inspiration, I feel it goes hand in hand with what I do, if I can teach people to look within and start to dream again, start to believe in themselves again and also teach them how to create their own financial security its a win win for me and for them.
But to sum me up I'd say I'm a dreamer.
If you don't mind I'd like to share an article I wrote entitled I'm a dreamer, I think it describes best who Wayne Caraway is.

I'm a Dreamer
It seems as though the odds are stacked against you. No matter how hard you try you just cant seem to break free. You have dreams, goal's, even a plan of action but just cant seem to get any traction and gain momentum.
It feels as though its always two steps forward and three steps back. Every light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a train. There's no hope, what's the point anymore? Why not just give up and accept that this is life? Is this "normal" ? Maybe everyone is destined to live this unstable and never knowing what's next adventure we call life.
After all, Logic is screaming, demanding even that we slide our dreams over to the category of fantasy with no hope of ever becoming reality. We've all heard it a thousand have to adapt to your surroundings, conform to your situation and accept your circumstances and take life one day at a time.
Some of us have even tried that "way of life". Tried to be what society calls normal and just take what life dishes out. Play the hand we were dealt and try to minimize our losses while hoping for a better hand.
Oh but something inside you cant be silenced. This passion cant be pushed down. Your thirst cant be quenched and the fire that burns so hot within you cant be put out. A silent rage is building inside you and everything within you is screaming don't quit.
Logic has no say here, you're a dreamer and dreamer's don't settle, we can't, to settle is to deny our true self and live a lie, to try and settle is to commit to dying a slow and miserable death within.
You must push on with your head held high and be true to yourself. Accept that life will throw hurdles but hurdles were made to be jumped. You can't quit! It's not even an option because you were born for greatness, destined to be a leader, designed to achieve so pick your head up and announce to the world I will not be defeated!
I am like a rubber ball the harder you knock me down the higher I will bounce! I will succeed! I am a dreamer therefore I will accomplish! Dreams are not chased but created.
I will defy all odds and show the world who I am and what I'm capable of. That I am everything I need to be in order to succeed. I will continue to feed the fire until it burns out of control with no hope of containment. I am a dreamer!
Only those who "Dare to Dream" can make a dream come true. All my dreams will come true because I cannot be controlled by the fear of the unknown, the challenge of the day nor the dream stealers around me, I will persist until I win, not hoping, not wondering but moving forward with confidence in my ability to plan, to set and achieve my goals, with the quiet assurance that nothing can stop me or even slow me down. I am me and I accept that and others opinions of me will not affect my own.
Every great dream begins with a dreamer, always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world
I cannot fail because I will not quit! I accept no reality other than the one I create! I am a dreamer!

Ditter the Great it has been a pleasure doing this interview, I'd like to thank you, not only for your time but for the kind words as well, using the remote as leverage gave you an unfair advantage in your negotiations, but I do respect someone that plays to win :)

Thank you Wayne Caraway!! I truly enjoyed this interview! Oh, one more thing... I love to win also! :)

For motivation and inspiration!/waynecaraway

If you are interested in working with Wayne!

Check out his Blog!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Dare to Dream inspired me..

I stumbled across this page a couple of months ago. The name is what initially caught my eye. Dare to Dream...What a catchy phrase! This is where my inspirational journey began! Funny thing was, I remembered meeting this guy years ago, when he was only 8 years old. He was an incredibly talented kid playing the drums! I remember thinking, He is going to do great things! Many years passed (I wont say how many) 0_o you understand :) I find that same kid, doing great things! I "Liked" his page and began reading. I started going back every morning for motivational reasons. As most of you know, I wrote a Blog a few weeks ago, called crossroads. This very inspirational page with such insight is what moved me to thinking along the lines I did! It has opened so many doors for me, just by the truth and feeling in each post! It's helped me believe more in myself, which in turn boosted my self confidence! Now I go a couple of times a day for inspiration and motivation! I can do anything I set my mind to...I can be anything I want to be! It's brought me peace, and an incredible sense of what CAN be...Thank you Wayne Caraway, from the little boy on the drums, to the amazing Man you grew to be!

Male Romance Authors...Thoughts?

I read my first Erotic Romance novel a couple of months ago, and I must say, it was a pleasant surprise! I had always avoided them due to the fact I honestly felt that a man could never capture the essence of true romance! Another reason, I suppose I thought that the erotic side of it would seem more like porn than something beautiful. I was wrong on both counts! Sascha Illyvich was my first encounter with the unknown :) I picked up Sidella's Surrender out of curiosity. Not only was the story itself a great read but the writing style was rocking also! I thoroughly enjoyed it! 2 thumbs up Sascha! My question to you all...Given a choice, would you purchase a female Romance writer over a male, and why? Have you read a romance novel written by a man, and if so...what are your thoughts? One more question to the male Authors..Do you use a male pin name or a universal one, so no one knows? If so, why? I think these male Authors need to come out of the literal closet and get the credit they deserve!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wayne Caraway - Dare to Dream: Life without limits

Wayne Caraway - Dare to Dream: Life without limits: A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses.—James Allen, "As a Man Thinketh" Life has no limits other than the ones we pl...

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Why do some of us go through life never looking back..Some turn and go back on more than one occasion, and some enter the crossroad zone? What exactly is a crossroad? A fork in the road...What is it put there for? Sometimes straight ahead isn't always the right way! Take a right and you may find your reflection, Left may lead you to a sudden career change, for better or worse, Who knows? Is a crossroads really an enticing cliff, tempting you to jump? What if you're a Capricorn like myself...I'm known to jump! I have no real answers as to why there are crossroads, I only know they exist...I'm standing in one as I type! I have this huge abyss waiting to swallow me up...Thing is..I'm not afraid of the abyss! I'm more afraid of not finding out what is down each turn at the crossroad! How do you know which path is THE path? Is your heart pulling you to the left and right, while your head is telling you to keep moving...Don't take your eyes off the prize? Why cant you have it all? Why not take the damn back, blow through the left and explode forward with a shit eatin grin on your face! I am embarking on a wondrous journey that I have dreamt of all of my life, Should I keep running ahead, or slow down and experience something that I could ultimately take with me! Isn't life about risk? What is the joy in reaching your goal if you have regret? Head or heart...Left or right...Or the no risk Northern path... Any thoughts?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Random question for Ditter

Dear Ditter Tha'great,

Have you ever been with a much younger guy than you? If so, what is the most interesting, attractive thing you like about them? I'm 22, and I just want you to cuddle up next to me, to feel your warm body against mine!!! Will you come spend the night with me, I have a king sized bed!!! Plenty of room!!!
Your secret admirer,


Dear John....Haha

Yes...actually I have been with a younger Guy. The most interesting thing about him was his mind. The most attractive was his voice and shoulders. Cuddling is nice, but I have never known a 22 year old who wants to cuddle! First of all, I could have given birth to you...secondly, although you have stamina I'm sure, it would take years to train you...and I just don't have that kind of time! *Files nails*

Miss Great

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happily ever after..Myth? You be the Judge!

Happily ever after...Is it obtainable? What makes us crave the fantasy, the unknown, the HEA? Is it ingrained in our DNA...or taught to us as a child much like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny? Have you ever met the ONE? That one person who is so similar to you that you feel whole when in their presence? That one individual who laughs at the same time, over the same thing as you? Who makes you feel alive for the first time in your life! Who doesn't judge you, or place blame? Who worships you, who feels pride over your accomplishments! Who's very touch sets you on fire...Who has the same goals in life, the same dreams! Who loves you for YOU and encourages you to be better! Another person so much like you, You feed off of each others energy? One who would protect you in one breath, and give you freedom in the next? What if that person really exists, and you find them in the wrong time and place? Do you curse fate, or embrace the wonder of it, that somewhere in this life, on this planet of millions, there walks another person that is your reflection...

As they say in Cinderella : It's not that they lived happily ever after, but that they lived.
I wanted to share this with you...I am so proud of Liz Crowe! One of my favorite Authors of all time...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What makes a best selling Author!

Ever wonder what makes an Author a  number one best seller? The technique or style they use perhaps? I don't think so! This is a question I have asked myself numerous times. I was driving home tonight with a situation on my mind that had nothing to do with reading, or Writers, when it hit me! It's who they are! Their signature! Example ( Liz Crowe)! A Friend of mine invited her into my book group a couple of months ago, and asked me to read her Stewart Realty Series...Well, the first thing I thought was, "I'm not interested in Real estate" *Insert eye roll* She DEMANDED I read it, saying "It's awesome" So I bought Floor Time...My God, it was so incredible! I experienced emotions on a level I have rarely experienced with another Author! I quickly became engrossed! Book 2, Sweat Equity was even more intense than book 1!! By the time I read Closing Cost I was pretty obsessed with Jack and Sara's story! I felt it came full circle! I just finished Essence of Time, book 4 and I must say, Liz did it again, only better!! She has such a unique personality, such a brilliant mind that comes out in her stories! My point here is...I could pick up a thousand books without titles and names and tell you which one She wrote! She moved up to my top 5 favorite Author list just one week after starting her first book! Liz Crowe in my opinion, is number one best selling Author material, hands down!! I look forward to her next masterpiece!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Advice column post

Why ask for relastionship advice when you really dont want to hear it? You already know what you are going to do, so you're wasting someones oxygen needlessly :) Relationships work on a need to know basis..One piece of advice, If you're questioning yours, or your feelings, the problem has been there longer than either of you will admit. Face it, feel it, challenge it! It's not going away and you arent getting any younger! To do nothing, out of fear, is cowardly and in my opinion settling. Ask yourself this...Are you happy? Are you truly you, the real you, when in the presence of your partner? If the answer is no, You are lying to not only them, but yourself also. You will never be truly happy until you embrace YOU! Love YOU, be true to YOU! Then and only then can you share your life with another! If you arent accepted in your true form, You are spinning your wheels. Figure out who you truly are, and where you see yourself in the future......

(This post is in answer to the advice column question. Having issues with it. Will have it up and running soon)