Saturday, June 23, 2012


Why do some of us go through life never looking back..Some turn and go back on more than one occasion, and some enter the crossroad zone? What exactly is a crossroad? A fork in the road...What is it put there for? Sometimes straight ahead isn't always the right way! Take a right and you may find your reflection, Left may lead you to a sudden career change, for better or worse, Who knows? Is a crossroads really an enticing cliff, tempting you to jump? What if you're a Capricorn like myself...I'm known to jump! I have no real answers as to why there are crossroads, I only know they exist...I'm standing in one as I type! I have this huge abyss waiting to swallow me up...Thing is..I'm not afraid of the abyss! I'm more afraid of not finding out what is down each turn at the crossroad! How do you know which path is THE path? Is your heart pulling you to the left and right, while your head is telling you to keep moving...Don't take your eyes off the prize? Why cant you have it all? Why not take the damn back, blow through the left and explode forward with a shit eatin grin on your face! I am embarking on a wondrous journey that I have dreamt of all of my life, Should I keep running ahead, or slow down and experience something that I could ultimately take with me! Isn't life about risk? What is the joy in reaching your goal if you have regret? Head or heart...Left or right...Or the no risk Northern path... Any thoughts?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Random question for Ditter

Dear Ditter Tha'great,

Have you ever been with a much younger guy than you? If so, what is the most interesting, attractive thing you like about them? I'm 22, and I just want you to cuddle up next to me, to feel your warm body against mine!!! Will you come spend the night with me, I have a king sized bed!!! Plenty of room!!!
Your secret admirer,


Dear John....Haha

Yes...actually I have been with a younger Guy. The most interesting thing about him was his mind. The most attractive was his voice and shoulders. Cuddling is nice, but I have never known a 22 year old who wants to cuddle! First of all, I could have given birth to you...secondly, although you have stamina I'm sure, it would take years to train you...and I just don't have that kind of time! *Files nails*

Miss Great

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happily ever after..Myth? You be the Judge!

Happily ever after...Is it obtainable? What makes us crave the fantasy, the unknown, the HEA? Is it ingrained in our DNA...or taught to us as a child much like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny? Have you ever met the ONE? That one person who is so similar to you that you feel whole when in their presence? That one individual who laughs at the same time, over the same thing as you? Who makes you feel alive for the first time in your life! Who doesn't judge you, or place blame? Who worships you, who feels pride over your accomplishments! Who's very touch sets you on fire...Who has the same goals in life, the same dreams! Who loves you for YOU and encourages you to be better! Another person so much like you, You feed off of each others energy? One who would protect you in one breath, and give you freedom in the next? What if that person really exists, and you find them in the wrong time and place? Do you curse fate, or embrace the wonder of it, that somewhere in this life, on this planet of millions, there walks another person that is your reflection...

As they say in Cinderella : It's not that they lived happily ever after, but that they lived.
I wanted to share this with you...I am so proud of Liz Crowe! One of my favorite Authors of all time...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What makes a best selling Author!

Ever wonder what makes an Author a  number one best seller? The technique or style they use perhaps? I don't think so! This is a question I have asked myself numerous times. I was driving home tonight with a situation on my mind that had nothing to do with reading, or Writers, when it hit me! It's who they are! Their signature! Example ( Liz Crowe)! A Friend of mine invited her into my book group a couple of months ago, and asked me to read her Stewart Realty Series...Well, the first thing I thought was, "I'm not interested in Real estate" *Insert eye roll* She DEMANDED I read it, saying "It's awesome" So I bought Floor Time...My God, it was so incredible! I experienced emotions on a level I have rarely experienced with another Author! I quickly became engrossed! Book 2, Sweat Equity was even more intense than book 1!! By the time I read Closing Cost I was pretty obsessed with Jack and Sara's story! I felt it came full circle! I just finished Essence of Time, book 4 and I must say, Liz did it again, only better!! She has such a unique personality, such a brilliant mind that comes out in her stories! My point here is...I could pick up a thousand books without titles and names and tell you which one She wrote! She moved up to my top 5 favorite Author list just one week after starting her first book! Liz Crowe in my opinion, is number one best selling Author material, hands down!! I look forward to her next masterpiece!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Advice column post

Why ask for relastionship advice when you really dont want to hear it? You already know what you are going to do, so you're wasting someones oxygen needlessly :) Relationships work on a need to know basis..One piece of advice, If you're questioning yours, or your feelings, the problem has been there longer than either of you will admit. Face it, feel it, challenge it! It's not going away and you arent getting any younger! To do nothing, out of fear, is cowardly and in my opinion settling. Ask yourself this...Are you happy? Are you truly you, the real you, when in the presence of your partner? If the answer is no, You are lying to not only them, but yourself also. You will never be truly happy until you embrace YOU! Love YOU, be true to YOU! Then and only then can you share your life with another! If you arent accepted in your true form, You are spinning your wheels. Figure out who you truly are, and where you see yourself in the future......

(This post is in answer to the advice column question. Having issues with it. Will have it up and running soon)