Monday, July 9, 2012

On the couch with Wayne Caraway!

Before we get started, I just want to say: Thank you for allowing me to interview you! I know how busy you are and this is a great honor for me! Have some coffee while I get these questions ready. :)

  How old were you when you began to realize you were a dreamer?

Oh wow! I've been a dreamer since I can remember, I'm not sure when I realized there was a name for it lol
When I was around eight or nine my Mom bought me a key chain that said "only those who dare to dream can make a dream come true" it totally messed me up mentally in a good way, from that day forward I was living in a fantasy world a dream world if you will, I created Wayne's world long before there was a movie ;)
Did you feel different from others, see things differently growing up?
Yes, I knew I was different at a young age, I spent a lot of time alone, like most kids I believed in myself but unlike most kids I didn't allow life to take away that belief system, it's like I never grew up, nothing ever shattered my belief in myself, I believed then and I do now that if I can dream it I can accomplish it.
I accepted that I was different and I have to say that for the most part my friends did as well, everyone knew I had huge dreams and very few tried to discourage me.

I met you when you were very young, playing music. You were good at that also! Tell me about what drove you to be the best!

I'm not sure I can put that into words....I'll try.... you know that old saying "if you're not the lead dog the view never changes"? that's how I felt and still do, there was always this drive to be better, in my mind second place was the first loser and I hate to lose with a passion, I'm very competitive by nature. I believe if you are going to do something be better than the best, if what you're doing does not provoke that kind of passion and commitment from you then find something that does.
I remember walking into a music store at 10 years old, I had saved enough money to buy my first set of new drums, the manager of that store was A J, I'll never forget him looking down over the counter and asking me, you want to be the best? I replied Yes Sir, he said then practice a minimum of four hours a day, well I took his advice and didn't miss a day for 4 years, right before my 15th birthday I got a job playing drums for my musical hero's,, I spent the next several years playing with what I consider to be some of the best in the business, all because one man told me what it took to be the best and I believed him. I don't know if that answers your question, all I know is that there is this white hot passion inside me that drives me, I can't explain in and I cant control it, if you're not going to be the best then why do it?

Is there anyone in particular who influenced you to open your mind and heart and reach for your dreams?

Other than my Mom buying me that Key chain and telling me that I could do anything I wanted, I can't say there was anyone else.
I had a huge imagination as a kid and a belief system that matched it, as a kid I was fascinated by interviews of successful people and I always thought to myself, they aren't any different than me, if they can do it then I can too.

I have noticed that you continually motivate and reach out to others...You have to honestly care about others to have that gift. What motivates YOU?

What motivates me is the way I feel, I want others to feel this way, I can't imagine living a life of acceptance and settling, is that really living? if this is as good as it gets then why should I get up in the morning? seriously, what's the point? I don't believe we were created to accept life the way it is, I'm not playing the cards I was dealt, if I don't like my hand I'm throwing it back and demanding a new hand, I may have to change tables but I'll go get what I want and what I feel I deserve, that's the way we need to look at life, if you don't like it then change it, its really that simple but we make it complicated with our poor pitiful me excuses, look what happened to me, look what they did, look what I lost, look what, look what ,look what.....How about shut up, get up and say SO WHAT!!! life happened, people hurt and sometimes bad things happen, but so what, its not the end, it does not mean give up and settle it just means you're human. It also means you have an opportunity to prove to yourself and the whole world just how powerful you are, that you cant be beat by life or anything it throws your way, failure isn't an option unless you make it one, the only limits we have are the ones we place upon ourselves, life is like a book, its our story and we are the Author, if we don't like the way its turning out all we have to do is keep writing.
If I can spend my life teaching people to get up and say so what, then I will have lived my dream life....that's what motivates me.

You may as well get comfortable, take the couch! Liz Crowe was the last person on that couch and she smells nice, so no worries ;)

Liz! what is that you're wearing? is that sunflowers? (Wayne asked that, not me, Liz)

I know that you are writing a book. Can you tell me a little about it?

I was sitting in my recliner one evening watching a talent show when this gentleman walked out on the stage, I say walked, but what I mean is he did the best he could, he had several physical handicaps and could barely walk, he was asked how old he was and when he opened his mouth his speech wasn't very clear either, his answer was he didn't know, he was found in a box on the side of the road so he had no way of knowing who or how old he was, he started to sing and I was blown away at his amazing skill, not talent you see talent is what we are born with but skill is what we develop our talents into and he had wanted to be a singer for as long as he could remember so he practiced and studied other artists and practiced some more, nobody would have given it a second thought had he not ever tried to do anything with his life, after all weren't the odds stacked against him? he didn't even consider not trying, he wanted therefore he went after.
After watching his performance I wrote in my pad a couple questions that popped in my head.
What is it that makes one sit on the couch and complain about life and or circumstances and another overcome all obstacles and create their dreams?
What is it that causes one to accept that this is as good as it gets but pushes another to succeed?
What is it in a man that disables one but enables another? How can one face what most would consider life and ordinary circumstances and completely give up and just exist?
What makes one person live a life of acceptance and settling yet another faces extreme challenges maybe even physical handicaps and seems to become stronger with each challenge?
What makes them become more defiant, more willing to lay it all on the line and face life with the attitude that nothing can defeat me, with the determination that I am bigger than anything life can throw my way.
Why it is that adversity causes some to break and others to break records?
I decided to go on a journey looking for the answers to my questions and what I found to be the answer was so simple it blew my mind so I decided to write a book that will help others see that they too can do or be anything they want to do or be.

When you finish that book, I want the first autographed copy!! Agree to that and you can have the remote! :)

The remote? Is that really fair Ditter the Great? after all I am a man, how can I argue when you have something no man can live without....the coveted remote.
you have a deal!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living my dream life, writing and traveling the country, speaking on stage and holding workshops for people who want to get up, people who Dare to Dream.

I would like to add that I visit your Dare to Dream page a couple of times a day. It has changed my life. It's changed the way I see things, The way I see others, and opened my mind to the potential that was there all along! Thank you for that! It's been an honor to know you...

Thank you Ditter. The response I have gotten from that page in a short amount of time has been amazing, I consider it an honor to get to be involved in so many people's lives on a daily basis.

There are two recliners in this couch..If you would be so kind as to move your feet, I'll take the one on the left AND the remote, while you tell me about Wayne Caraway! :)

Just as I was getting comfortable lol
So you want to hear about Wayne Caraway huh? well where do I  start? I'm just a country boy from Plant City Florida that refused to buy into the self limiting beliefs that so many buy into.

I love to laugh and think I have a pretty good sense of humor, most of all I love to make others laugh.
I still have a very strong passion for music and even though I don't really play anymore music is still a huge part of my life.
I am addicted to motivational material and read as well as listen to it daily.
I am also a Network Marketer, I got involved in that business about 3 years ago and I love it, it allows me to help others learn how to make extra money from home, it also allows me into their lives where I can deliver my message of hope and inspiration, I feel it goes hand in hand with what I do, if I can teach people to look within and start to dream again, start to believe in themselves again and also teach them how to create their own financial security its a win win for me and for them.
But to sum me up I'd say I'm a dreamer.
If you don't mind I'd like to share an article I wrote entitled I'm a dreamer, I think it describes best who Wayne Caraway is.

I'm a Dreamer
It seems as though the odds are stacked against you. No matter how hard you try you just cant seem to break free. You have dreams, goal's, even a plan of action but just cant seem to get any traction and gain momentum.
It feels as though its always two steps forward and three steps back. Every light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a train. There's no hope, what's the point anymore? Why not just give up and accept that this is life? Is this "normal" ? Maybe everyone is destined to live this unstable and never knowing what's next adventure we call life.
After all, Logic is screaming, demanding even that we slide our dreams over to the category of fantasy with no hope of ever becoming reality. We've all heard it a thousand have to adapt to your surroundings, conform to your situation and accept your circumstances and take life one day at a time.
Some of us have even tried that "way of life". Tried to be what society calls normal and just take what life dishes out. Play the hand we were dealt and try to minimize our losses while hoping for a better hand.
Oh but something inside you cant be silenced. This passion cant be pushed down. Your thirst cant be quenched and the fire that burns so hot within you cant be put out. A silent rage is building inside you and everything within you is screaming don't quit.
Logic has no say here, you're a dreamer and dreamer's don't settle, we can't, to settle is to deny our true self and live a lie, to try and settle is to commit to dying a slow and miserable death within.
You must push on with your head held high and be true to yourself. Accept that life will throw hurdles but hurdles were made to be jumped. You can't quit! It's not even an option because you were born for greatness, destined to be a leader, designed to achieve so pick your head up and announce to the world I will not be defeated!
I am like a rubber ball the harder you knock me down the higher I will bounce! I will succeed! I am a dreamer therefore I will accomplish! Dreams are not chased but created.
I will defy all odds and show the world who I am and what I'm capable of. That I am everything I need to be in order to succeed. I will continue to feed the fire until it burns out of control with no hope of containment. I am a dreamer!
Only those who "Dare to Dream" can make a dream come true. All my dreams will come true because I cannot be controlled by the fear of the unknown, the challenge of the day nor the dream stealers around me, I will persist until I win, not hoping, not wondering but moving forward with confidence in my ability to plan, to set and achieve my goals, with the quiet assurance that nothing can stop me or even slow me down. I am me and I accept that and others opinions of me will not affect my own.
Every great dream begins with a dreamer, always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world
I cannot fail because I will not quit! I accept no reality other than the one I create! I am a dreamer!

Ditter the Great it has been a pleasure doing this interview, I'd like to thank you, not only for your time but for the kind words as well, using the remote as leverage gave you an unfair advantage in your negotiations, but I do respect someone that plays to win :)

Thank you Wayne Caraway!! I truly enjoyed this interview! Oh, one more thing... I love to win also! :)

For motivation and inspiration!/waynecaraway

If you are interested in working with Wayne!

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  1. Wayne, I've never met you and have only had the pleasure of talking to you on line but I must say you are a gentle heart that truly inspires many. I love that you have so many dreams and you are going after them. We must grasp the things we want and go after them. I'm thrilled to know you and hope to one day have the honor to meet you.

  2. Love this interview! Wayne, thank you for giving us such a great insight into who you are and what motivates you. I too want a autographed copy of your book! (I'll happily stand in line!) You keep doing what you do, Wayne, motivating others and daring to dream.

  3. Ditter as always, you do an excellent interview. Wayne, I am very impressed that you are willing to reach out to those who for one thing or another, lost their focus to dream their dreams. It is extremely self-less of you to do this. What an amazing gift that you have to help others reach their goals and dreams. May you continue to be blessed as you strive to bless others..

    1. Thanks Pammie, it was a fun interview to do! He's amazing!

  4. Great Interview and good story. Thanks for letting us into your mind just a little. Once again, great job as always Ditter :-)

  5. A great interview and insight on Wayne. He truely is a special man for all who are Dreamers!

  6. Incredible interview! Fantastic story, Wayne. You've inspired me.

    1. Hi Miss Cloak and Dagger! Thanks for the comment..I loved doing this interview!


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