Friday, August 31, 2012

Why Women stop wanting sex

Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman, where the sex was exciting and often...Only to dwindle out after a few months to a year? I have talked with many women on this subject, and think I may have an idea why that is. In the beginning of a relationship, men are usually very conscious of us, very caring, kind and giving. After the new wears off, men tend to take for granted that we as their mates should know how they feel. The I love yous slow down...The flowers, candy and cards stop all together. No more hand holding and star gazing. Well, women love these kinds of things. Its emotional food for her soul. When it stops, a woman feels he doesn't care as much for her any longer, so why would she want to sleep with you? Quite the opposite is true for men though! It's not that they don't care for us any's a comfort zone. They don't understand how we feel because men think with their heads not their emotions! We cut off our hand to spite our face in this situation...I'm not an expert (God knows) but it seems to me that if men would wake up and try the friendship again, try to rekindle that spark by showing how much they care...a occasional card...Leave the bad attitude at the door, women would actually "want" you more frequently. A little piece of advice, Sex to women is about emotional connection..for men it's more physical. Think about this if its not too late...after some time of not getting the emotional support, women will usually find it elsewhere...and women...after some time of withholding will usually find that elsewhere also! Tit for tat! It's sad but's almost impossible to get that love back once it passes a certain point. There are a few women in this world that don't require alot of emotional stimulation, who love sex as much as men, but we are rare *grin* and it doesn't mean we don't like a flower now and then either...just thought I would throw that in there :)

We also love our hair brushed ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review-Obsidian by Laurann Dohner

I fell in love with the New Species after reading Fury. It was an incredible story from start to finish! As the books moved along, I couldn't decide who Did it for me more...Fury, Slade, Justice...Oh Justice! He was my favorite! Then Tiger came along and bumped the others out of their literal places! Obsidian took a bit of a different route for me (In a good way)> As with most series, they tend to become repetitive, not so with Laurann! Obsidian was a refreshing change. He had some of Valiants traits with a more naive approach. It was endearing, his lack of knowledge on the human subject. Allison was perfect for him..understanding and compassionate. The two of them will have you crying one minute and laughing the next..and the heat level was off the charts! I love how she brought in many of the new characters also. Breeze is really coming along nicely! This will definitely be a re read and is highly recommended! Great job Ms. Dohner!!Cant wait for your next masterpiece!!

True story- buy the book please and spread the word!

Telling Teddy review-By Azure Boone

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5.0 out of 5 stars I made it through the nightmare27 Aug 2012
This review is from: Telling Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Journal Of A Boy Volume 2) (Kindle Edition)
I finally made it through. And once again, I was persuaded by the voice of the nameless, sweet boy in the story, to continue on. I feel really weird and bad trying to find words when critiquing something like this. Can't say how good it is without feeling sadistic. But in the educational aspect, I can honestly say that I've learned so many things listening to this child "show" me his story. It's a roller coaster ride, but in book two, I witnessed the formation of disorders taking shape from the trauma he experiences. Not only did I notice them, I understood why. And sadly, the little boy's belief in his parent's lies about him seems to offer some kind of "reason" for the insanity. Even though it's an utter lie that every reader can see, the lie was a truth to him that he could not escape. It became that dirty feeling that you can never seem to wash away, they literally stained his soul with it.

I liked that book two was in present tense. I was utterly amazed and enthralled by the boy's thought processes and terminology for things. He was such a remarkable boy, I thought. Some of my favorite passages:

"There is a crazy dog there. He is called Snoopy. He doesn't look like Snoopy and he doesn't sleep on top of his house. He is little and black and mean. He likes to bite people if they got too fast." (on their bikes or skates)


"My Nan goes to the dentist because she has pretend teeth and the dentist gets to make new ones. He makes them with fire and things. Maybe they are hot in my Nan's mouth."


"I want to make her not do the stare thing. (his teacher, he's in trouble for defending himself)
I don't like looking at her face. She has a big lump on the side of her head. My Nan says they are called moles. I don't know why they are called moles. Moles are things that live in the ground and look like little bears. But she has one of the lumpy things and it looks silly."

These are just a FEW of the examples of how he speaks and communicates this entire story.

It's not an easy read at all. But I think it's one we owe it to ourselves, our children, and even society, to read and learn. To gain wisdom and knowledge in these hidden dark things. To know what signs to look for in case we should come into contact with a victim. To recognize and understand their fears and behaviors and maybe help stop or prevent such things.

It's not enough that we know about it. Unless we experience the horror, we can't really know. Being told about poverty and being poor is such a huge difference. And while we can't experience it truly, we can get pretty close with an account such as this.

Thanks JD Stockholm for braving such an endeavor and giving voice to this silent epidemic.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Part 2

It is painfully obvious my eye wandering neighbor hates me, or so I think. After the initial meet and greet, things go on pretty much the same. Ants in his car...A dead animal under my porch. You know, minor technicalities. One afternoon i'm in the back yard pulling weeds, I feel them looking at me (I could be wrong) but I felt as if they were. I look up and the blinds pop close like a crack dealer waiting on his buyer. After going in, I decide to go ahead and shower...well, the door bell rings. It was the no English speaking wife! She has a dish in her hands, holding it out to me! I accept it with grace, not having a clue what to say! I say thank you and ask if she wants to come in. She shakes her head no and backs off the porch. It's a cake in the dish. It looks so good, but there is no way in hell I'm eating that cake! All of the disgusting things I could dream up ran through my mind, so I dump it in the trash! I couldn't believe it..would He really go that far? The next day I'm on my way to the mailbox and the neighbor on the left sees me outside. He approaches me smiling. I smile back of course, I'm sweet like that! ;) The first thing out of his mouth floors me! (Did you get the cake my wife made?) I'm giving him the blank stare, to which he replies "My wife made a cake for your boys welcome home from the hospital". You didn't answer the door and we were heading out, so I left it with (Jim's wife)! I flat out lied! After thanking him and lying about how delicious it was, I excused myself to be embarrassed in private! I went to the trash and stared at it, thinking how good it would have been...but also acknowledging the almost sure possibility they had "Sampled" it before it was passed on to me. Any doubt I had disappeared the next morning when on his way to the car, Jim asks..How was the cake...sure smelled good (With a wink)....And off to make a store run I went......You can guess why~ To be continued...

Monday, August 20, 2012


As much as I love and depend on the Internet, it can be the hardest form of communication ever created! It's so easy to misconstrue something you have read. Things can be typed one way and meant another. The most important thing to remember about the Internet is, that is a real person on the other end of that keyboard. Things can be taken out of context, or even meant for someone else, and cause great harm. It seems I am responsible for causing someone harm without knowing it. Something meant about another person that was misunderstood. It's hard to rewind after that. Almost impossible to remove that doubt that will always linger. How do you recover from a blow like that? A public apology? That wont work...Anyone can do that to save face. I believe in my heart, the only thing that will work is to recover as best you can, and know this-- I would never intentionally hurt anyone. I don't have it in me to do so. My heart hurts that I hurt someone dear to me without knowing it. I cant change that it happened, and I'm sure, will never convince the injured party it was a misunderstanding. There is no anger in me about this, only pain and confusion. My advice to everyone would be, Always be clear in your reference of another. Always make sure your joking can not be taken out of context, and always remember, One word can make or break a friendship.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review of J.D.Stockholm's Dear Teddy

I am not going to begin this review with an I'm sorry, as I feel it would be an insult to the Author. It took an enormous amount of courage to write this book and I commend him for it. This story was told through the eyes of a 5 year old child, who endured a horrific amount of abuse, neglect, starvation and sexual abuse. I am outraged that a Parent could put a child through the heinous things this baby survived. I have a child just two years older than the one in this book. I can not imagine someone hurting him in any way, so seeing this through this child's eyes, shattered my heart for him. We know this goes on, but it's something you hear about on the news, or through gossip. There is something surreal about hearing it from the abused party. The blinders really came off after reading his story. He did an amazing job of detailing events, the emotions involved, and the pain felt. It made me realize something. A child may one day escape the abuse, but the abuse never escapes them. I felt an enormous amount of love for this little boy, and would have given anything if I could have stepped through this book and held him, took him away from it all and shown him what love feels like. It was an emotional read, but one I do not regret picking up. It woke me up, and I highly recommend reading it. The Author brought out detail and realism that's difficult to capture in memoirs. 5 stars.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Neighbor Chronicles....:D

So, My Neighbor, bless his heart, has a floating eye. Having no idea, I took it to heart when he wouldn't wave back, or acknowledge the bird I sent him first thing in the morning! I tried everything, even went so far as to step outside in my sexiest ensemble! Nothing, Nada! Hmmmm what to do now? Several ideas floated through my mind, which got discarded immediately. I decided to borrow something, but what? Sugar? Too cliche'...Hmm bum a smoke? Too Ghetto...A rake? Too 90210...Then it hit me...Battery cables! So...I walk over with the mission impossible music in my head, and knock! His little tiny foreign wife answers the door! She doesn't speak English! WTF do I do now? So, I end up doing charades on her front porch, trying to make her understand I need battery cables! She comes out with everything from an extension cord, to a crock pot 0_o (Don't ask). I finally wave her off with my apologies for disturbing her and trot back to my domain! So, Halloween rolls around, and my opportunity is finally here!! I grab the Boys hand, and we walk over to Trick or Treat the rude and unfeeling neighbor! They had the porch decorated to the nine baby, I was impressed! Dodging the fake spiders, I ring the bell. She comes out first and deposits the candy in the Boys fabulous skull bag (I proudly made him)! He finally steps out behind her and we make eye contact...All three of us!!! I was mortified! Unsure of which eye to look at, I stared at her, talking in rapid fire! After removing the foot from my mouth, I backed out of the fake spiders and made my way down the sidewalk feeling like a total ass! All of this time thinking him rude and he wasn't even looking at me! I glanced back only once, just in time to catch the bird being thrown back in my direction! This was the beginning of many underhanded nights of plotting on both of our parts, for months to come....Stay tuned....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Magic of the internet!

So, we live in the cyber era...Not a bad thing really, considering it has enabled me to travel to the ends of the earth still in my pajamas! I have heard many of the older generation express their negative thoughts without first experiencing the joys of the cyber world! "When I was growing up, we shook hands and spoke eye to eye" Or, "If I want to talk to someone, I just pick up the phone" Here's a really good one... "When I was a child, I walked 10 miles in the snow with no shoes" ~.^ Well, let me break it down for you... When the radio was invented, "It's of the devil" Its evil, I'll not have that in my home!!" Again ~.^ Then came the Television! Oh my, talk about evil!! *Insert eye roll* Before you knew it, not only did you have a radio, a phone and a T.V..But  I would be willing to bet the farm your car has a CD player also!! :) I would like to express myself ... Are you paying attention?!?!  I have connected to some incredible People around the world, I would never have had the pleasure of knowing without this Monitor with a keyboard! My life has exploded forward at a pace that is mind blowing, and I'm loving every minute of it! *Waves to New York Times and USA TODAY* ;) Hundreds of fabulous Authors, Publishers, fellow Bloggers, Reviewers, Inspiring, motivating People, and most important of all...THE READERS!! You are the ones who truly rock! You make all of this happen for all of the above mentioned! Laurann Dohner...I mean wow...One of the greats, not to mention my #1 Author and Creator of all things Species!!! Liz Crowe...Incredible Author and Creator of Jack Gordon!! Dawn Montgomery...Author and Creator of my favorite Dragon shifters!! The Internet made it possible for me to connect to these amazing People spread out all over the world! I for one am humbled by it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Review-No Dragon No Problem! Dawn Montgomery

 That was one of the best Dragon stories I have ever read!! Dash and Tasminia were so perfect together...!! Dash is way too sexy and Tasminia is an adorable little smart mouth running from her current situation...straight into the arms of a Dragon...or is he? Hmmm you will have to read it to find out! The love scenes were sizzling hot!!!! It's complete with sex, humor, Dragons, and Magic! It's not a novel, but it's not just a short read either. It was perfect Dawn!!! 5 Stars!!! Highly recommend this book! Loved book 2 also...Review coming soon! #1 best seller material here!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Always follow your heart? ~.^

So, I have heard the saying "Always follow your heart" too many times to count! Here's the thing....The heart makes excuses! It's blind, it's naive and overlooks the obvious! The head....that inner voice that's our common sense, recognizes these faults our hearts have...hence the battle of wills! Have you ever wanted something so bad that even your ignorant heart realizes it's making excuses not to turn away? Now flip this around! I have been reading for 20 years. I have always wanted to write, but spent years putting other things ahead of what I desired most. My head was telling me to stay straight and take care of business. My heart was telling me turn from my head and grab what I wanted! I can do it....I DID do it! Life is all about do's and donts...Should I...I know I shouldn't....Go for it....walk away from it! I just seem to jump heart AND head first into everything! It works for me. I'm not without fear...I'm also pulling blinders off as I go. Shedding layers of doubt, layers of ignorance, and layers of anchors. In the past week alone....Blinders have been taken off...about my entire life really...All of my bad choices, my embarrassing naivety, but most of all my excuses! It's becoming more clear by the day! I have also met some fabulous people on this journey...Some incredible women and a few men who believe in me, trust me and would do anything for me...A career that has taken off, and a whole world in front of me just waiting for me to grab it and run!! As Fayth Devlin would say...I picked the music!!