Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Part 2

It is painfully obvious my eye wandering neighbor hates me, or so I think. After the initial meet and greet, things go on pretty much the same. Ants in his car...A dead animal under my porch. You know, minor technicalities. One afternoon i'm in the back yard pulling weeds, I feel them looking at me (I could be wrong) but I felt as if they were. I look up and the blinds pop close like a crack dealer waiting on his buyer. After going in, I decide to go ahead and shower...well, the door bell rings. It was the no English speaking wife! She has a dish in her hands, holding it out to me! I accept it with grace, not having a clue what to say! I say thank you and ask if she wants to come in. She shakes her head no and backs off the porch. It's a cake in the dish. It looks so good, but there is no way in hell I'm eating that cake! All of the disgusting things I could dream up ran through my mind, so I dump it in the trash! I couldn't believe it..would He really go that far? The next day I'm on my way to the mailbox and the neighbor on the left sees me outside. He approaches me smiling. I smile back of course, I'm sweet like that! ;) The first thing out of his mouth floors me! (Did you get the cake my wife made?) I'm giving him the blank stare, to which he replies "My wife made a cake for your boys welcome home from the hospital". You didn't answer the door and we were heading out, so I left it with (Jim's wife)! I flat out lied! After thanking him and lying about how delicious it was, I excused myself to be embarrassed in private! I went to the trash and stared at it, thinking how good it would have been...but also acknowledging the almost sure possibility they had "Sampled" it before it was passed on to me. Any doubt I had disappeared the next morning when on his way to the car, Jim asks..How was the cake...sure smelled good (With a wink)....And off to make a store run I went......You can guess why~ To be continued...


  1. LOL...well atleat you didnt dive into the trash and eat it. I wish I had those kind of neighbors. :-)

  2. At least you did not pull a George (on Seinfeld with the trash dive eating)...Oh I want to know what happens next...

  3. Very cute! I might not have eaten the cake either.

    1. Oh no....We both know what he did to it lol

  4. Lol...I can just imagine where this is going!

  5. Okay, I LOVED this!!! Soooo funny, I can just SEE YOU!


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