Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review-Obsidian by Laurann Dohner

I fell in love with the New Species after reading Fury. It was an incredible story from start to finish! As the books moved along, I couldn't decide who Did it for me more...Fury, Slade, Justice...Oh Justice! He was my favorite! Then Tiger came along and bumped the others out of their literal places! Obsidian took a bit of a different route for me (In a good way)> As with most series, they tend to become repetitive, not so with Laurann! Obsidian was a refreshing change. He had some of Valiants traits with a more naive approach. It was endearing, his lack of knowledge on the human subject. Allison was perfect for him..understanding and compassionate. The two of them will have you crying one minute and laughing the next..and the heat level was off the charts! I love how she brought in many of the new characters also. Breeze is really coming along nicely! This will definitely be a re read and is highly recommended! Great job Ms. Dohner!!Cant wait for your next masterpiece!!


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