Sunday, September 30, 2012

Authors that kick ass!

I must say, I have read thousands of books in the last 20 years. There are some that stand out still. Certain ones that I remember as if I read them last week! Johanna Lindsey, Bertrice Small, Julie Garwood, Sandra Brown, to name a few. Times are changing...I have ran up on some more recent ones that have blown my literal mind. Authors so good that I have bought and read everything they have at least 3 times. I highly suggest you check them out, You wont regret it! Laurann Dohner, Liz Crowe, Dawn Montgomery, Margie Church, Dianne Duvall and Brindle Chase!! AMAZING writers! There are a few more on my list, but start here..You can thank me for it later ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trust and Loyalty

Trust...such a simple word, one we use in everyday talk. Such a powerful word and yet holds so little appeal. "I trust you" "You can trust me" How easy it is to say, yet so hard to follow through on. Love and trust go hand in hand. If you love someone, you need to trust them. If you trust someone, you usually end up feeling love for them. Why is that? It's so's such a great feeling to be able to trust another believe in them, to know they trust you. It forms a bond between two people that cant be touched by others. Trust can be rebuilt if the damage done was not intentional. If the hurt was caused knowing in advance that it would hurt the other party, yet you do it anyway, the trust isn't merely damaged, it's destroyed. How can you tell a person you love or care for them and intentionally hurt them? I think we have all been guilty of letting someone down or breaking trust in our lives, but we learn from it, and accept our wrong and move on. Trust is so fragile...treat it as such.

Loyalty...ah the "L" word. Loyalty is even more rare than trust. It takes a hell of a strong person to show loyalty even when it causes you pain. Being loyal is the quickest way to build trust, and lasting friendships, or possibly love. All three are important. Guys, be loyal to your lady and she will trust you. Ladies, be loyal to your man and he will love and trust you. Lie to one another and months or even years of trust is damaged in a second. Use someone, be disloyal and you will destroy any chance of continuing a meaningful relationship or friendship. Food for thought....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 6

The usual weeks that normally pass without incident, all of a sudden took a back seat. Cock eye struck without warning! He truly crossed the line this time! Somehow he gained knowledge of my grand fear of spiders! Arachnophobia is not a myth. I happen to suffer from it! When I say suffer...I mean full blown panic sets in kind of suffer! White streak left in the hair kind of suffer! You get the point :)

  After slaving it up at work all day, I come home to my worst nightmare! I pulled the car along side the mailbox to grab the pile of bills that were no doubt waiting in there, with their greedy little clear windows showing off the Bastards who felt I owed them money! My hand brushed across something that moved. It ran across the top of my hand before jumping out at me! It was the biggest spider I had ever seen! I began shaking and crying uncontrollably. I dove out the other side of the car and danced around thinking he no doubt had gotten on me somehow! He hadn't of course, but arachnophobia isn't intimate with common sense! I had to calm down...He has won! I had to get back in that car, knowing...just knowing that spider was waiting in there for me! Waiting with all eight eyes on me...all eight legs poised to spring! I had no choice...I jumped back in still crying...not just crying, but the UGLY cry! You know the one, equipped with snot and splotches on the cheeks and forehead! I ran up on the porch trying to get inside and strip out of the spider infested clothes, and see a can with a lid on it sitting by the front door. I should have never picked it up, but I had to know...I opened the lid and three more massive spiders ran out!! I shot off of that porch screaming...running and ugly crying, straight to the neighbor on the left! He was about to call 911 before I could get out what was happening! I stayed inside with his wife while he took care of the spider situation and sprayed out my car (Just in case). Needless to say, good clean fun turned into full blown revenge...I couldn't wait for the reinforcements to arrive...He was going down...Stay tuned~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Co- Authoring with Dawn Montgomery

Some of you have already heard the news! For those who haven't, I am Co-Authoring with the amazing Dawn Montgomery! It's a dream come true for me, as she is one of my favorite Authors and has been since I read her first novel, Primal Hunger! I fell in love with her Dragon shifters shortly after that! We started our journey together a few days ago and I must say, it's been wonderful! We work so good together. We finish each others thoughts and sentences! The story is flowing like water, and I for one am loving it! This is a new and incredible experience for me! I am honored to be working with Dawn and I thank her for giving me this opportunity to write with her! We will be posting more information soon, so stay tuned! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012


What makes a friend....To me, it's someone that makes you feel good..That's there when you need or want to talk. A person, be it male or female, that makes you smile, laughs and cries with you when you hurt. A friendship should be 50/50, equal amounts of giving on both parts. It's hard sometimes to know when the friendship isn't going to work, no matter how much you may want it to. If you are picking up on hints they want you to leave them alone, or to back off, it probably means that they do. I suppose not everyone is meant for you, even when you cant understand why. They obviously have their reasons and those reasons should be respected without causing hard feelings. I have seen some of this in my time and have recently experienced it myself. The only advice I can give is this...If they are pulling away, or avoiding you, it means they are trying to avoid you without hurting your feelings or causing more do as they want and leave them alone. It may be difficult to do and it does hurt, but it's called respect. We should always respect others feelings, no matter how we feel it affects our own. Everyone has a fear of rejection to some degree, but to keep your pride intact, I say bow out gracefully.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 5

Two more flat tires...Really?? How juvenile! After calling for help with the tires and replacing more valve stems, I go to work with my brain kicked into overdrive! What to do...What is really going to get my message across?? Oh yessss...and the perfect plan forms. They have a big German Shepard that lives on their screened porch. It's not my fault it has indoor/outdoor carpet :) After work, it's another stop at publix...straight to the pharmacy to pick up some laxatives! I wait until midnight and make my move..a nice hamburger ball with several Exlax tucked nice and neat inside! I can barely sleep for laughing, so I set the alarm a little early and spring up like the bed is on fire! Now I'M the one in the blinds like a crack addict! As soon as he emerged, it happened! Not only did he step in it, he slid down in it!!! Oh it was beautiful! I have never laughed so hard in my life! He had shit from neck to heels!! The funny thing was, he had no idea I was responsible, so I was a little disappointed..sort of :D.

Weeks went by without incident, until I go to put the trash in the can on garbage's full of rotted food and maggots! I have no doubt he did it, as I would never do something like that! It was my responsibility to clean the mess! Oh my God what to do now!! After calling in reinforcements, we gathered at my place to plan our move....Thank God he doesn't know of my fear of spiders...or does he..? Stay tuned...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 4

So Mrs. Eye float found the condom! Now I don't speak any other language other than English, but cursing is obviously universal! I could hear the "F" bomb being slung around in rapid intervals! She had that condom dangling from her pissed off fingers...Holding it up high, and slinging it around like it was alive! He had a blank look on his face! Classic!!! He had absolutely NO idea what she was holding or why it was there! She stomped off inside with him on her heels. Pity, that...I was truly enjoying his tongue lashing! They emerged a few hours later, eyeballing my house with disdain! I guess he convinced her it was me...Such a shame! :)

2 days go by without incident. I'm walking out to check the mail and I have 2 flat tires. Standing there with my mouth hanging open, I glance up in time to see the blinds snap close! Thank God they weren't cut, only the caps were gone from the valve stems! After calling someone to come take me to the auto parts place, We aired up the tires and replaced the stems. It was war now!

I waited until 2am and grabbed a flash light....I went from window to window shining it in and flicking it off. The police show up appx 20 minutes later, asking me if I saw anything. Of course I didn't! Needless to say, it went on for another hour. I finally gave up and went to bed, only to get up to two more flats...and a grudging respect for my idiot wall eyed neighbor...Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 3

So...I ran to Publix today to purchase a cake for my lovely neighbors! I also picked up a card and quickly filled it out. "Thank you for delivering the cake, We decided to show our appreciation by delivering another :) " I deposited it on their porch very quietly. After a couple of days, I saw "Him" outside preparing to mow...I waved, smiled and said "I hope you enjoyed the cake! I wasn't sure what flavor you liked, so I picked up my favorite" The look on his face was priceless! Now I didn't do anything to the cake, but he didn't know that. Did I feel bad? Absolutely not!! I had a chuckle over that for 2 days....Until...

 I am running late for work, which is nothing new, but this morning was different! I had alot to do this particular day, and needed to get it done in time to pick up Keaton for a Dr. appt. Opening the door to my car, I felt something wet! There was something tan looking on my fingers that smelled worse than anything I have ever smelled in my life. I began gagging and ran back inside to wash it off! It wouldn't come off!!! I used Alcohol, bleach and paint thinner!! The stain came off, but the smell remained. To this day I don't know what he used, but I bow to him! It was brilliant! I missed lunch that day, I couldn't eat with that smell on my fingers! It took 2 days to wear off! Needless to say, He was standing on his porch smiling when I got home! I'm not sure if he was looking at me, or something on his right, but that smile was definitely for me and me alone! Time to think...I HAD to come up with something better than that, so back to the store I went. Heading straight for the condoms, I picked up some ribbed for her pleasure! After a few sly looks from the cashier, I headed home with a giggle and a new plan. Since it was a Friday evening, I knew they would be heading out together Saturday morning to do their errands (or so I hoped). As soon as darkness fell, I opened the condoms and took one out! I stretched it a little and rubbed it with lotion. It was going in his car...only it was locked!! Damn it!! So I went to the passengers side and pushed the condom top in the bottom crack of the door, so it was just hanging there, waiting on the wife! It was watch and wait time. I didn't have to wait long, BINGO! She found it...and the fight was on...To be continued

Friday, September 7, 2012

Telling Teddy-Book Review

After reading Dear Teddy, I had to read book two. I needed to know what happened to the Boy after what he'd survived. Things did not get better for him as the story progressed. Life happened, sure..but the abuse continued. This one was more difficult for me to read than book one. Possibly because I had lost some of the shock and attempted to understand what was happening in this home...Attempting to get inside of the minds of everyone involved. It was not an easy thing to do. Things got worse for him and I believe it was a turning point in his life. His acceptance..The shaping and molding of his future. The Author writing in a child's voice makes this easier to understand what the boy was thinking, how he feels, what he sees as normal, neglectful, hopeful. This is not a pleasure to read, but I feel that everyone on this planet should read this story. It will help you to understand people better, see things through different eyes, and know this kind of abuse happens daily, right under our very nose. A highly recommended read for those who care enough to make a difference.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Decisions..We make them everyday. Some small, some rather difficult on a much larger scale! Decisions are really a crossroads. I wrote about crossroads in an earlier blog, as it's very significant to me. I feel I've stumbled upon another one. Right or left, forward or back. I don't understand why we make wrong decisions, our head knows the right way, but our ignorant heart tries forcing another way on us. I happen to love my heart, it's one of my best qualities, so I tend to listen to it more than my hard head! I fear my heart has taken control of my good sense! You want something, be it a person, an object, a career, your heart is all on for anything! The hard head is pointing out all of the reasons to shy away from it. I found out years ago that I have this ability to shut down the heart...To stop the emotions...It's probably not good for me but it works. At this crossroad there are 4 changes that need to be made...The direction of my goals, (Got that one) My past (Made amends) Something that I want but cant have (I can shut that off) and last but not least (Someone that wants me that I will have to hurt). Gotta love these crossroads. I am going to hold on to this feeling for a few minutes longer, so I can remember them always, then I am cutting it loose. I will emerge tomorrow a different person, The same....yet not.