Friday, September 7, 2012

Telling Teddy-Book Review

After reading Dear Teddy, I had to read book two. I needed to know what happened to the Boy after what he'd survived. Things did not get better for him as the story progressed. Life happened, sure..but the abuse continued. This one was more difficult for me to read than book one. Possibly because I had lost some of the shock and attempted to understand what was happening in this home...Attempting to get inside of the minds of everyone involved. It was not an easy thing to do. Things got worse for him and I believe it was a turning point in his life. His acceptance..The shaping and molding of his future. The Author writing in a child's voice makes this easier to understand what the boy was thinking, how he feels, what he sees as normal, neglectful, hopeful. This is not a pleasure to read, but I feel that everyone on this planet should read this story. It will help you to understand people better, see things through different eyes, and know this kind of abuse happens daily, right under our very nose. A highly recommended read for those who care enough to make a difference.


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