Friday, September 28, 2012

Trust and Loyalty

Trust...such a simple word, one we use in everyday talk. Such a powerful word and yet holds so little appeal. "I trust you" "You can trust me" How easy it is to say, yet so hard to follow through on. Love and trust go hand in hand. If you love someone, you need to trust them. If you trust someone, you usually end up feeling love for them. Why is that? It's so's such a great feeling to be able to trust another believe in them, to know they trust you. It forms a bond between two people that cant be touched by others. Trust can be rebuilt if the damage done was not intentional. If the hurt was caused knowing in advance that it would hurt the other party, yet you do it anyway, the trust isn't merely damaged, it's destroyed. How can you tell a person you love or care for them and intentionally hurt them? I think we have all been guilty of letting someone down or breaking trust in our lives, but we learn from it, and accept our wrong and move on. Trust is so fragile...treat it as such.

Loyalty...ah the "L" word. Loyalty is even more rare than trust. It takes a hell of a strong person to show loyalty even when it causes you pain. Being loyal is the quickest way to build trust, and lasting friendships, or possibly love. All three are important. Guys, be loyal to your lady and she will trust you. Ladies, be loyal to your man and he will love and trust you. Lie to one another and months or even years of trust is damaged in a second. Use someone, be disloyal and you will destroy any chance of continuing a meaningful relationship or friendship. Food for thought....


  1. I hear what you're saying Ditter. Trust is difficult for me. I have Trust with only a few people in my life & those are people I've known since early HS. They've been through everything with me and have proven Loyal to me as well. I've only given my trust to 2 men in a long term relationship and it proved to be in the end a mistake.I now have difficulty with that and is probably one of the reasons why I am still after 9 years still single. I am as loyal as they come when it comes to my family and friends and I take it seriously. It may stem from being adopted and how much I appreciate them giving me what I have, a large family.
    Trust and Loyalty are precious and they are hard to earn and even harder to repair once broken but it takes time to build those and in the end I think you have to be more sure of yourself than anything else to be able to give it and have it held.

    1. I feel the same way. I also believe you reap what you sew. I have been the one who caused pain and the dishonest maybe it's time for my reaping :)

  2. Boy, these two words are hot buttons for me. A person will have to earn my trust.....I do not give it freely. I have too many issues from past experiences with bullying, family, etc. But once you have my trust, the loyalty kicks in like gang busters. Once you have my loyalty, you will have one hell of a friend, someone who is there for you no matter what, and a love like no other. You will know what it is to have someone at your back always, to walk beside you through your storms, and to lend a hand to help you to your feet when needed. You will have acceptance and forgiveness from me. Having said that, there always has to be a down side to watch out for. If there is lying to intentionally mislead or coverup for personal gain/guilt, or to intentionally hurt another, you will know an enemy like no other. Forgiveness is only given when it is deserved and the hurt is unintended. Trust and loyalty are both tremendously strong when they are built on a foundation of truth and pure love. But when you try to build them on lies and dishonest gain, they will crumble like the sand. And yes, Ditter, both of these are very rare and fragile....they must be handled with the greatest of care. When you have a relationship that contains absolute trust and loyalty, you have something far more precious than gold or silver. You are the richest person around and NOTHING can stand against it. May you always be blessed with people that you can trust.

  3. The greatest trust is the trust I must have in order to share myself with another person. The worst hurt is when I have opened myself to another and they betray my trust. Trust is something that gets stronger with love. In my life, I have experienced trust being broken by good friends. One of the issues I have is being comfortable sharing the real me with someone,and opening my heart to them, hoping the love and trust is reciprocated. When the trust is broken by a hurt I forgive because we are human always. But, the trust takes a long time to come back for me. And if it doesn't , the friendship wasnt open and truthful from the start. I've learned this the hard way. But if you give me your trust with both hands, I will be loyal to you always


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