Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Teaser from the book Dawn Montgomery and I just wrapped up :)

Evil morning light pierced through loose slats right into her eyes. Melody let her forearm fall over her eyes. Thoughts of ghosts and intense sexual frustration made terrible bedfellows. She groaned. Another night with crappy sleep.
“That doesn‟t sound good.”
Her eyes snapped open and she dropped her arm. Less than a foot above her was the face of Travis Santiago. Her resident ghost. She narrowed her gaze at him.
Surprise crossed his expression before that wicked grin was back in place. “I wonder what I did to put that look on your face.” He put his hands under his chin as though lying on a pillow. In midair. The air around him charged with a strange energy.
“You know exactly what you did.” She could see the ceiling through him if she looked hard enough. “Maybe I should say what you didn‟t do.” She wasn‟t in the mood to be nice. Frustration and lack of sleep was a bitch to deal with.
“Ahhh.” He floated closer and dropped on top of her. Solid weight wrapped around her, pressing her against the mattress. “Maybe I should do something about that.”
Her body reacted instantly.
“Hey, I didn‟t say you could—” the words ended in a squeak of surprise. His mouth latched on to her nipple through the sheet.
He licked the pebbled tip and lightly sucked it to a hard point of sensitive pleasure. “Could what?” His breath caressed her skin beneath the sheet.
“How are you doing that?”
“Clothing is no barrier to me.”
She tightened the sheet around her body.
He looked up at her, and the lust staring back at her took her breath. “Neither is the sheet.”

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