Friday, October 5, 2012

The Neighbor Chronicles-Take 8

Well, the rotten chicken certainly served it's purpose. It was bad...REAL bad. Bad enough I could smell it when I got in and out of my car. I don't know how they could possibly stand it! It made me snicker every time I stepped outside. He knew I was responsible somehow, but had no idea what I had done or how to fix it...he just knew. After a week of no retaliation, I began to worry. It was unlike him not to hit back immediately. I think he allowed me to worry, as some sort of punishment.

  A week after the smell had died down, he struck! I come home from work and there is a gift by my front door. The card said, "Dinner this weekend?" How I fell for this, I will never know. So, I unlock the door and go sit on the couch to open the gift. I rip the box open and theres a snake inside! The hiss scared me more than anything! I threw the box across the room and ran! Great, theres a snake loose in my house and my neighbor on the left isn't home yet! After freaking out on the porch for 30 minutes, I realize I left my cell phone in the house with the snake! Now it wasn't a spider thank God, but I don't do snakes very well either! I crack the door open and spot my purse on the coffee table. I'm almost sick by this point, but I get enough courage to run in, grab it and get out before getting eaten alive! I called my brother, who came and caught the damn thing and set it free! He wanted to call the police, because he felt he had crossed the line with it. I of course said no...Retaliation would be sweet...and boy was it...Stay tuned..


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