Friday, November 30, 2012

What is it about a kiss....

A kiss---The meeting of lips. What is it about that simple gesture that can be so erotic? It's just two mouths touching, right? I don't think so. Kissing can be one of the biggest aphrodisiacs known to man! Close your eyes and feel with me for a minute. The heat of another persons lips...The slide of that soft skin on your most sensitive area....The gentle suction....the warm breath that mingles with your own....To have your bottom lip sucked on...To have that person hold absolutely still, while you slide your lips across their chin....jaw....bottom lip...that small area under their nose. To suck their tongue into your mouth while holding their face in your hands. I think it's deeper than that...I think it's a mental connection with another person while tasting them...breathing them in...It tingles through your entire body while devouring your thoughts...your very existence. The next time you kiss your significant other, try this...Have them close their eyes and hold completely still....Turn on soft music...breathe....relax...Put your hands on their face (Hands and face are hot spots, especially for women) Don't allow them to kiss you back...Softly rub your mouth across their chin...across the jaw....across the eyelids...down the nose....slide across the it again...a little firmer...same pattern...back to the lips...apply enough pressure to open their mouth a little....very softly suck the bottom lip into your mouth...breathe...slide up and suck on the top lip....That's probably as far as you will make it before you are flipped over...the rest is up to you *Wink*

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time for me to fly~

First let me say, I went to bed entirely too late last night, but I'm glad it happened the way it did. I had some truly incredible dreams..Ones you only have when you are absolutely exhausted! I was flying, well, floating really...above my house.It was the most awesome feeling, until I lost my concentration and began to fall. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, right? Well, I woke with my heart pounding, and a huge disappointment that I didn't take off and fly...instead I just floated there. Not that it wasn't a great feeling in itself, but I wanted to fly, damnit! I woke still feeling the disappointment. It really got me to thinking...That's my life, I'm floating, and as incredible as that feels...I want to soar! I have to keep my eyes on the prize and not get distracted by shiny objects :). My dream has finally come true! I am Co-authoring with Dawn Montgomery, which is incredible to me. I am working with some of the greats (Laurann Dohner) who everyone that knows me, knows she is and will always be my Queen. Life is a beautiful thing if you really live it. It took me this long to see I was always on the outside looking in. Well, I'm in now and I don't plan on stopping until I am a NYTimes and USA TODAY best seller!! Dawn is teaching me so much about writing and I couldn't ask for a better teacher! She has such a beautiful writing voice! She's so much fun to work with and so intelligent.

  My book group...Where to start. None of this would be happening without them. What a wonderful group of people from all over the world. They have supported me, cheered me on and cried with me through this crazy roller coaster ride I have been on! I want to say a special thank you to them! Laurann Dohner...Thank you Lady, for believing in me and giving me the confidence I needed to take the leap. Thank you to my family for supporting me and telling me I can do it, no matter what! Thank you Tonya Jewell for staying up with me and holding my hand through the rough patches. Last but not least...Thank you Dawn Montgomery for giving me this chance...I love you all very I'm ready to fly :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 9

The snake incident threw me. I began to wonder if things were getting out of hand...Briefly :) I thought I would wait a while...Give him enough time to grow lax. It wasn't an easy thing to do, considering I'm not a patient person to begin with. So, I wait, and wait some more...2 months in fact. It was the longest 2 months of my life.

   So, I had several weeks to plan the finale, and it was a doozie! I pulled the damsel in distress card once again. After waiting on him to come in from work and enough time to shower and eat...I sashayed over there around 8pm and knocked. He came to the door looking like something an alley cat drug up, but I was determined to win! I gave him the puppy dog eyes and very sweetly said "Can you help me with my shower, the water is spraying everywhere". He just stood there looking at me for a few seconds before saying "Let me get my shoes". I was already smiling inside...I knew I had won this war! I waited on his porch with his massive dog for a few minutes before he emerged. I, of course took the lead and walked in front of him back to my place. His poor little wife was left standing in the door shooting darts at me :) Once inside, I led the way to the bathroom...He immediately bent over the tub to check the water. I took the opportunity to strike. (Prior to going over, I put on red lipstick and a lot of perfume) I leaned in and kissed the collar of his shirt on my way over his shoulder to give him a hand. He figured out the washer was missing (Grin) and told me what to do to replace it. I was so grateful to him that I hugged him and smeared my lips on his collar once again! He pressed by me to leave and I took his hand "Can I talk to you for a minute?" The look on his face was classic. To say he was nervous would be an understatement. We went in the living room and he sat on the edge of the couch fidgeting. I spoke first "Look, I'm really sorry for everything that has transpired between us over the months. It was all a misunderstanding that got out of hand and I would like a chance to start over". He didn't know what to say, so he just nodded. I then went to the fridge and got us a beer. He looked even more confused by that. I handed him his beer and said "Truce". He popped the top and it was instant relief for me *Chuckles*. Not only did he go home with lipstick on his collar, perfume on his shirt...but beer on his breath :) Needless to say, I could hear them fighting for hours before I went to bed completely satisfied....until....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Co-Authoring with Dawn Montgomery!

Writing with Dawn Montgomery has been a dream come true for me. It's like nothing I have ever experienced. We come up with some story ideas on the fly...Others, we brainstorm for hours! No matter how we do it, it works for us. We think along the same lines on just about everything we decide to tackle! Right now we are working on a Christmas story....Book 2 in the Dark Talisman Series....The Guardian  series, and book 2 of Haunting Melody. There is never a dull moment. We have so much excitement and fun writing together! We laugh a lot.... always laughter...Some serious moments along with tears...but never, not once have we gotten angry! It's truly an amazing partnership and one I look forward to for many years to come! We are working on our website where you can find our WIP and upcoming plans for more. FoxFire is now available on Amazon and hit the top 100 best seller list by day 2. We are very proud of that. Be looking for book 2 soon. (Shift the night). We also have plans for a 3rd book in that series. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Margie Church

I recently ran across Margie Church, An erotic romance author. The first book I read was Razor...One she did with Kb Cutter. (Great book)! She somehow ended up in my book group a couple of months ago, and has this wonderful personality to go with her fabulous story telling skills!  She asked me if I would Beta read a book she is working on now (I am Jolene). Surprisingly enough, it's not erotic romance, but women's fiction. It's an incredible journey through the life of Jolene and the heart breaking trials she has to endure in her young life. I am really enjoying watching this story come to life!! I decided to pick up another one of Margie's books, so I began Nopeming Shores....Wow, another side to Margie....I have officially named her "Fifty shades of Church" :) This is a beautifully written story that will squeeze a tear out of the toughest of men! It's also speckled with lovely poetry throughout! If you want to read something that will stay with you forever, I highly recommend Nopeming Shores. Margie has several to chose from, whatever your passion! Check her out on Amazon or B&N today...You will be glad you did!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Relationships in the 21st century

Relationships today are far more difficult than 50, even 20 years ago. One of the reasons for that would be, there are 12 men to every 1 female on this planet. Now with odds like that, it's no wonder men develop a wandering eye. I am probably going to piss off a lot of men and a few women with this, but after discussing this with so many over the years, I believe i'm spot on. First of all, that fairy tale we call love, is a game, and if you don't know how it's played, you lose. Simple as that. Let me start by saying this...A man loves a challenge...I know, I know...You ladies don't want to hear that, but trust me...they do. I myself have fallen prey to it and it's exhausting, let me tell you! Another side of this coin in defense of the guys...Women let themselves go. During the dating process  we fix our hair, wear makeup, dress nice and take care of our bodies...for some reason after being in a relationship for a period of time, we begin slipping. It starts out slow...subtle things that aren't a big deal at first, but end up being disastrous! For instance, no more sexy clothes...Less and less makeup...The hair gets put on the back burner...We begin gaining weight and shaving less often. Yes shaving..I said it...You know it's true! Biggest blunder here...are you ready for this? SEX! Men love sex...they grow tired of being the aggressor...They want to be approached some also. Remember in the beginning...when you did everything you could think of to please him in bed? What happened to that? And guys...wipe the smirk off of your face...What happened to the romance? The foreplay? In my experience a man will go after you with both guns, until you give in...When they know they have you, they know you want them...they break you...the challenge is gone. They grow bored with it. Guys, say what you want about that, it doesn't matter to me, I know it's true, and you know its true! So what is the answer here...the middle ground? IS there a middle ground? Ladies, I have made some HUGE relationship mistakes, i'm telling you this so you don't make the same ones I have. Lets talk about trust. Here is another problem with women. Women need another female to validate for them. They need a friend to confide in...Its in our DNA. The problem is, women cant be trusted...Ladies, take it from me...DO NOT confide in another woman ANYTHING about your man..(It wont stay between you two) and will end up destroying your relationship or friendship..More to come later!