Monday, November 26, 2012

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 9

The snake incident threw me. I began to wonder if things were getting out of hand...Briefly :) I thought I would wait a while...Give him enough time to grow lax. It wasn't an easy thing to do, considering I'm not a patient person to begin with. So, I wait, and wait some more...2 months in fact. It was the longest 2 months of my life.

   So, I had several weeks to plan the finale, and it was a doozie! I pulled the damsel in distress card once again. After waiting on him to come in from work and enough time to shower and eat...I sashayed over there around 8pm and knocked. He came to the door looking like something an alley cat drug up, but I was determined to win! I gave him the puppy dog eyes and very sweetly said "Can you help me with my shower, the water is spraying everywhere". He just stood there looking at me for a few seconds before saying "Let me get my shoes". I was already smiling inside...I knew I had won this war! I waited on his porch with his massive dog for a few minutes before he emerged. I, of course took the lead and walked in front of him back to my place. His poor little wife was left standing in the door shooting darts at me :) Once inside, I led the way to the bathroom...He immediately bent over the tub to check the water. I took the opportunity to strike. (Prior to going over, I put on red lipstick and a lot of perfume) I leaned in and kissed the collar of his shirt on my way over his shoulder to give him a hand. He figured out the washer was missing (Grin) and told me what to do to replace it. I was so grateful to him that I hugged him and smeared my lips on his collar once again! He pressed by me to leave and I took his hand "Can I talk to you for a minute?" The look on his face was classic. To say he was nervous would be an understatement. We went in the living room and he sat on the edge of the couch fidgeting. I spoke first "Look, I'm really sorry for everything that has transpired between us over the months. It was all a misunderstanding that got out of hand and I would like a chance to start over". He didn't know what to say, so he just nodded. I then went to the fridge and got us a beer. He looked even more confused by that. I handed him his beer and said "Truce". He popped the top and it was instant relief for me *Chuckles*. Not only did he go home with lipstick on his collar, perfume on his shirt...but beer on his breath :) Needless to say, I could hear them fighting for hours before I went to bed completely satisfied....until....


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