Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ditter and Dawn interview live on the Daily Show

Tomorrow at 2pm eastern time, Dawn Montgomery and I will be live with Tom Randell on the Daily show. To listen live go click on listen live in the upper left corner then click on KSRM.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Today I want to talk about being Jaded.


dulled or satiated by overindulgence: a jaded appetite.
worn out or wearied, as by overwork or overuse.
dissipated: a jaded reprobate.

I have been talking with many recently that have admitted to being Jaded. I myself am jaded to a degree.  What I want to know is why? Why does it have to be this way. This brings us to men. Now men, I understand there are some sensitive ones that are no doubt jaded also, so we will skip over you for a minute. I want to talk about the players...The general asshats that use and abuse. You wonder why women don't trust you, you hate being the roll over from a previous relationship, and yet you do the same damage to this female in different ways.  I have noticed more times than not, women are a challenge to men...when that challenge is gone, so is the interest. I have heard so many times from men "It doesn't matter to me what her body type is"  or this one "I don't like a woman who wears makeup" or the most common one "It's her personality i'm attracted to" Yet the biggest complaint by men when they are ready to leave is "She let herself go..She didn't fix her hair and makeup anymore" Personally, I would like to hear an honest response from the men on what really does it for them. Cut through the bullshit and be honest. It may help some of the Ladies understand you better and know what you want.

Now, Ladies... Here is what we are guilty of. He doesn't give me enough attention, so he gets no ass tonight. We crave attention so much that we flirt with just about every man in a 100 mile radius. It's not to cheat, it's to fill a driving need to be loved, to be noticed, to be appreciated and wanted. To feel attractive and desired is something every woman wants. Men too for that matter.  I am guilty of all of the above, so I'm not pointing fingers, just want to hear others thoughts on this as well on what makes us tick. 

My ex used to look at me with such love and adoration in his eyes that it would humble and almost embarrass me. After a time that faded and he stayed angry with me more times than not. I never could figure out why, but I think I get it now. It was rejection in it's purest form. I had been emotionally rejecting him...that's when bitterness enters the equation. It's not that they no longer love you, it's they resent you for not loving them just as much. I don't think there is anything we can do to change this, which makes me's inevitable. With that being said, where do we go from here? If we don't commit, we don't get hurt and yet our hearts are always seeking that "one". It's a no win situation----Jaded.

Back to the sensitive men...You are the ones I feel for the most. Women are fickle creatures! They complain about a man not being sensitive enough...yet when they acquire one, they will step over him to get back to the asshat. The circle of life my friend. I have no advice to give you on that, as I am an asshat lover myself :) 

Have a very jaded day~ 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is love?

love, it's such a small word with an enormous meaning. What is love? Is it a chance happening, or a conscious decision? How many of you have loved someone until you got them..or didn't realize you loved them until they were gone? What's the difference between love and lust? Can you not even like someone and want them sexually...or love someone and not want them? Such a fine line. Is it possible to love more than one person at a time? Does love really die...or merely fade off into a forgotten place in the far reaches of our hearts...These are questions I have been asking myself as of late. I have found it in a couple of different forms. I have experienced love at first site..I have had love form from a friendship...I have been in lust and mistook it for love. Do we always want what we know we cant have...only to find that's not what we really want when it's in our grasp? Is love just an emotion...or is it a living breathing thing? I know it can cause illness...even suicide in some. I have seen people starve themselves, lose their hair...lose their jobs...go to prison...over love. It's an amazing thing when it slides into place...If it doesn't can destroy. I have been guilty of hurting those who have  loved me. It's so easy to dismiss someones feelings when you don't return them. I was talking with a friend yesterday about love...When you really love someone...You are willing to be in that persons life at all costs, even to just be a friend. It's called acceptance. It's a beautiful thing. If you can just walk out of someones life because your love is not returned on the same level...that wasn't love to begin with, but obsession. If they turn you on but it annoys you when they need you outside of a sexual nature, that's not love either, it's lust. If you cant have that person, and are willing to help them, be a friend and remain a part of their life regardless....That is love :)