Thursday, February 28, 2013

My review of Moon-by Laurann Dohner

                 Review of Moon—book 10. New Species series by Laurann Dohner

It's no secret I am a huge Species fan. Just like any other series, I have my favorites. Justice (Book 4) has always had my heart. Moon may have pushed him out of the saddle for that position...or come frighteningly close. If you read Shadow (Book 9) You are aware Moon was shot with an unknown drug that has everyone scrambling around trying to find an antidote. He is feral and unable to recognize anyone or comprehend what is taking place.

Justice calls in Doctor Joyce Yards, Moons previous therapist when he was newly freed from Mercile Industries. He was known as 466 during those sessions. Moon and Joy have a complicated definition of their relationship, which has left him resentful. (I apologize for being vague. Avoiding spoilers). Justice is hopeful of Joy's ability to help Moon, due to their past encounters.

Joy couldn't forget 466, so when she is called to help, she doesn't hesitate. She will risk anything to save him...her job, family, even her life. She regrets what had to be done in the past, but she had no choice. Moon and Joy are reunited under frightening circumstances, that both amaze and scare the hell out of the therapist. Joy can only pray she can save his life, win his trust, and maybe his heart in the process.

In my opinion, this was one of the deepest books in the Species series. It's dark, very emotional, and full of heart stopping scenes. I found it incredibly hot and tender. It brought me to tears on more than one occasion. There are also laugh out loud moments involving Harley, Moon's best friend. One of the things I enjoyed most was the interaction with not just Moon and Joy, but the entire cast of characters Laurann brought in from previous books. It is non stop action from beginning to end. With that said, I have no doubt a lot of you are dying to know about the heat level. (Grin) On a scale of 1-10...I give it a 15. Yes,'s a scorcher!! Great plot...very well thought out. Extremely intense scenes with just the right amount of realism. You won't be disappointed. Highly recommend this 5star read!