Saturday, March 16, 2013

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 14

         I stared in horror at the devastation in my living room. My refrigerator was standing open and most of the contents were gone. I suppose you could say they were still there, just not in the neat order I had them originally  They were poured and smeared all over my furniture. Eggs, milk, jelly, butter...You name it! It was horrible and I had to fight back tears. It wasn't like I could afford new furniture.
         The police took a report, questioning me about motive. Did I have any idea who would do this and why? They finger printed and walked around the outside looking for evidence of the guilty party. I of course had reached my limit and told them of the war that had been going on for almost a year. After gathering all the information they needed, they informed me they would investigate. I knew there was nothing they could do. I had no proof they did it and the police were painfully aware of that fact also. They finally took their leave and I began the painstaking chore of cleaning up the disaster.

         The more I scrubbed and threw things out, the more enraged I became. I was moving soon, but there was no way in hell I was allowing them to go unpunished. My brother eventually came home. He stood in the door for quite some time with a blank look. I recited what had happened as quickly as possible, while still cleaning up the destruction left by cock eye. I watched his face go from shock to pissed off instantly. He spun around to go over there but my next words stopped him. "No, don't. You will go to jail and he gets away with this". We argued about it for a few minutes until I said "Tit for tat". He calmed instantly and asked "What do you have in mind?" I just smiled and replied "Let's just say I'm going out with a bang."

         Our plan was put in motion that night. My brother called a friend of his to enlist his help. My hands needed to remain clean, you realize *Grin*. We waited until they left for church that following Sunday before we struck. Satisfied with the results we wait patiently for their arrival. I had already been packing to move. With the two police reports, we were able to break the lease early. It was time to go before someone got hurt. Vengeance was mine, however. We heard their car pull in to the drive, and jumped to the window like  a couple of crackheads to watch the show. Cock eye unlocked the door and stood back for his hellion to enter first. The howl of rage that came next was like a balm to my soul. Eyeballs came running back out and my brother and I made eye contact. We stared at each other for a second before laughter bubbled up...Then the unthinkable happened.......


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 13

       Where did I leave off....Oh yes, Cock eye was being led off my porch to be questioned. As he got to the bottom step, he turned back and met my eyes. The words he spoke next, made me uneasy... "We'll continue or poker game later. You may want to fold, I never bluff" My brother was still standing behind me and the sudden lurch forward from him scared the shit out of me. I put my arm out to stop him from doing something stupid and going to jail. He just looked at me and said "You have to move. You can't stay here and risk him hurting you or worse, your son". That made me pause. I knew he was right. I had to move before this got too far out of hand. I had no idea what my crazy neighbors were capable of and suddenly, I didn't want to find out.
         The next day passed without incident. I didn't see any sign of the wife, so I assumed she was still incarcerated. My brother packed a few things and moved in with me for a week. He was really concerned about eyeballs. We began looking for a place to move to as soon as my lease was up (Which wasn't for another 2 months).  Every time I left for work, he would stand on his porch and stare at me with a smile on his face. That scared me more than anything had previously. Not to mention it made him appear insane (Could have been the whole eye thing responsible for that).
         After picking my son up from school and stopping by the convenient store for a few items, I headed home. This was on a Wednesday, if I recall. My brother was still at work, so there was no one home. I had my keys in hand to unlock the door, but it was open. I immediately took my son by the hand and ran back to the car. My heart was pounding and I dialed the police, never taking my eyes off the front door. I locked our doors and started the ignition while we waited on the cops to arrive. They pulled in after a few minutes and entered my house. We remained in the vehicle until they gave the all clear sign.
        With dread I climbed out, holding my sons hand and walked up on the porch. The officers who had entered my home, met me at the door. My hand slapped over my mouth the second I stepped inside. I couldn't believe it.....