Saturday, April 27, 2013

My review of - His Right Hand- by Silence O'Shea


         When I started this book, I had no idea what I would encounter. Silence O'Shea is a brand new author, so I decided to give her a try. I must say I'm happy with my decision. I loved the quirk and realism of the characters. She brought the story to life with what I like to call, the author's POV. (Learned that phrase recently.) In case you're wondering, her personality gave the story flare. It was humorous and unpredictable. Definitely not the norm and I so appreciate that. I smiled, laughed out loud, cringed and cried. For a novella, she pulled out all the stops. I didn't feel cheated in plot or character development. I look forward to reading more of her work. Great job, Miss. O'Shea.

        Mike Jasper has it all. Money, good looks, humor and charm. As the CEO of a successful company, he takes his responsibilities serious and his play time, even more so. But something is missing in his life, which becomes obvious in his failed relationships. When the last one ends in disaster, he turns to his assistant for help...and gets more than he bargained for.

       Ellen has been Jasper's right hand for ten years. She's quick, intelligent, efficient and dependable. When he confides in her about his unusual situation, she does something he doesn't expect. After agreeing to help with his problem, the two of them embark on a journey, both incredible and outrageous, discovering themselves along the way.

      This was truly a pleasure to read. Very hot and sexy with a touch of humor. I highly recommend.
      Rate it 5stars.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Neighbor Chronicles- Take 16

            So, Cock eye came out with a pistol in the waistband of his pants. He looked at me and mouthed "You're mine" before disappearing back inside. Oh hell. My Dad and crew came in to begin loading up some of the boxes I had packed. I really wanted to talk to him about what was happening, but I knew he would storm over there and with creepshow having a gun, that wasn't an option.
           I stayed inside and continued packing, while they loaded the van with the efficiency of ants. In no time, it was full and one of them yelled out "We are taking this load, we'll be back soon." First of all, Oh hell no. I wasn't about to stay behind to end up the neighborhood corpse. They all looked back at me as I came running out behind them, with my purse. "I'm going with you" was all I got out, before I jumped into the front of the van and planted my ass in the passenger seat. Yeah, no doubt they thought I was crazy and I wouldn't argue about that at this point.
          Once we got to my parents house, I checked on my son and gave him a bath. My mom said he could stay the night, so I could finish packing. That was a huge relief, since there was no way I was taking him back to the Nightmare on Elm Street for round two.
         My brother eased up behind me and whispered "If we're going to stay there tonight, I'm bringing a gun." Good plan. I nodded and climbed back in the van, while he went to retrieve his weapon of choice. I was totally rethinking this whole Dirty Harry foolishness, when he came jogging across the lawn. Too late. He had a determined set to his jaw...and a pimple too, come to think of it. He got onboard and we pulled out of the drive.
        I was relieved to see their car was gone when we arrived back at my place. We said our farewells to Dad and headed inside, flipping on lights as we went.
       Nothing seemed out of place or disturbed, so we jumped feet first into packing up the rest of the place. The faster we got it done, the sooner we could get out of there.
      After about an hour, we heard a vehicle pull in next door. Both of us eased over to the window to confirm it was Ugly. His porch light came on and he looked right at us with his finger and thumb pointed our way in a gun imitation. Shit just got real.
     We made sure all the windows and doors were locked up tighter than Fort Knox. The outside lights were on and we had a weapon, so back to packing we went.
     A short time later, the doorbell rang. I wasn't about to answer it, but my brother had other ideas. He marched over, unlocked it and jerked it open. Mister Hideous and his beer belly were standing there breathing like an enraged bull. He opened his mouth to speak and my brother planted his fist in the hole. The guy stumbled back a few steps and.......

Monday, April 1, 2013

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 15

        To say Cock eye was in a rage would be a gross understatement. His face was purple, which only enhanced the range of motion his eyes were capable of. If I hadn't been doubled over with laughter and not a small amount of satisfaction, I may have had the sense to be afraid, but that was not the case.
        You see, my brother's friend (Our accomplice) gathered all the big German Shepard's shit he could find and scooped it up in a Walmart bag. I don't feel it's necessary to explain, but I will anyway :)
        By the time he exited the place, there wasn't a piece of furniture not adorned in what my son likes to refer to as Doo Doo. It was even pressed down in the back of the Television. The remote wasn't spared either.
       The cup of shit in the refrigerator may have been a little extreme, but my confusion over the small candle inserted in the top of it trumped that slightly. I didn't ask, because...yeah...I just didn't.
       So, here we stand watching it all unfold when it finally registers...Mr. Pissed off is marching toward my house fisting  a pretty impressive stick. I snatch up my cell to call for help a second before my Dad and a couple of relatives pull in to the drive to help me move. That was a show stopper. Mr. Ugly retreated back to his porch.
       After disappearing back inside briefly, he stepped back out on his porch with a pistol in the waist of his pants. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I could only stare at him while he looked back at me and mouthed.......