Monday, April 1, 2013

Neighbor Chronicles-Take 15

        To say Cock eye was in a rage would be a gross understatement. His face was purple, which only enhanced the range of motion his eyes were capable of. If I hadn't been doubled over with laughter and not a small amount of satisfaction, I may have had the sense to be afraid, but that was not the case.
        You see, my brother's friend (Our accomplice) gathered all the big German Shepard's shit he could find and scooped it up in a Walmart bag. I don't feel it's necessary to explain, but I will anyway :)
        By the time he exited the place, there wasn't a piece of furniture not adorned in what my son likes to refer to as Doo Doo. It was even pressed down in the back of the Television. The remote wasn't spared either.
       The cup of shit in the refrigerator may have been a little extreme, but my confusion over the small candle inserted in the top of it trumped that slightly. I didn't ask, because...yeah...I just didn't.
       So, here we stand watching it all unfold when it finally registers...Mr. Pissed off is marching toward my house fisting  a pretty impressive stick. I snatch up my cell to call for help a second before my Dad and a couple of relatives pull in to the drive to help me move. That was a show stopper. Mr. Ugly retreated back to his porch.
       After disappearing back inside briefly, he stepped back out on his porch with a pistol in the waist of his pants. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I could only stare at him while he looked back at me and mouthed.......

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