Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Contest to win a New Species T-shirt!!

     Okay the contest this week will be---Write a short erotic scene. Please keep your scene to a maximum 500 words. The hottest scene wins!! I will read them on Sunday and choose a winner! Have fun and good luck!! Post your scenes on this blog.

Thank you, Ditter Kellen and Laurann Dohner


  1. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with... Good luck to all!!!

  2. He rubbed his hands on his pants before knocking on her door. He knew what he wanted...her...naked...ready for him. He just wasn't sure that she was there yet. He knocked, feeling himself harden at the image his brain had just conjured, and tried to hide the bulge with the jacket he was carrying. The door opened and all doubts fled....she was naked, holding a towel to cover the front of her. He stepped in, unable to tear his eyes from her glorious body as she turned, dropped the towel and walked back towards the bedroom. She paused only long enough to make eye contact and then stepped inside.

  3. The Pen.
    It was the fourth day in a row, me setting here staring across the Library at him, oh yeah him, and there he goes again with the pen thing. In and out, in and out of that decadent mouth, with his firm looking lips outrageously damp right now from the pen, oh to be that pen, in and out. Christ right there a flicker, a small glimpse tongue caressing that pen.

    The first day I noticed him setting in the same chair next to the long window, sunlight streaming in across his lap and spilling out onto the hardwood floors of the Library’s reference room. His dark nearly black hair was laying in a tangle of lengths and mussed strands down to the top of his shoulders, my attention was caught and that was that. And that was before I saw the pen.

    The second day I was back in the Library at the same time and there he was. No sun today. A gloomy rainy day, the lamp behind him highlighted the book he was reading. His gaze locked with mine searching and inquisitive then the pen action started. I couldn’t look away and neither did he.

    Day three. I was only in the Library for a few moments when he came in. He settled at a table two rows over, facing me. I glanced at him he looked up and gave me a little quirky smile and opened his backpack and took out books, papers and of course the pen. Deep in thought and into his studying his fingers caressed the pen sliding up and down the length of it, and then oh thank you, he put the end in his mouth. His cheeks hollowed a little like he was sucking on the tip of it just a little then the lick and then the in and out thing happened. I smoldered blood rushing, pooling, hardening, my body wanted sex to happen now.

    So now today I walked around the tables and into the stacks. I come across him crouched down intently searching the spines for a certain book. He heard my foot steps and turned and looked up at me. Here it is my chance to finally say something to him to introduce myself. He stood up his look slightly questioning but knowingly his eyes gazing down the length of my body. I look back at him showing my hunger for him in my face, my eyes, and body. I strode right up to him one hand grabbed his face the other his ass and I hauled him against me and slammed my mouth onto his, teeth, tongue, and lips all in play at one time. His hands circled my shoulders and held the back of my neck it was painful, way too hot, way to intense but oh so right.

    The pen forgotten.

  4. He pushed her against the wall one hand braced between her shoulder blades and the other against the wall by her head. Pressure, firm pressure told her she wasn't going anywhere until he was ready.

    “Why are you doing this?”

    Slowly he eased up against her, feet on the outside of her own, groin to backside and finally chest replacing the pressure of his hand. “You know why.”

    She whimpered praying her knees wouldn't give out as his hand slid between her hip and the wall. She was could feel herself arching against him, her body shamelessly begging for a more intimate touch.

    This was couldn't be happening. He was her best friend, her boss and up until this moment completely unaware of being her private fantasy late at night when there was only her vibrator to keep her company...or so she thought.

    “Because I want you to beg.” His hand was between her thighs and she figured if he didn’t actually move it soon, she would not only be begging, but there might be some weeping involved.

    “I want you to beg for what we both have been aching for since the day we met.”

    Catching his thumbs on the waist of her jeans he slipped them down to the floor taking her panties with them. she was half dressed until he came back up and snagged her tee-shirt bringing it up and off in one smooth move. Turning her he caught her lips with his own running his tongue along the seam nipping at her bottom lip till she opened for him with a sigh.

    Grasping her hips he lifted her up till she could wrap her legs around his waist. Pausing he placed her right above his cock before slowly lowering her onto the head. She struggled trying to take him deeper but he resisted till she stopped and leaned against his chest whimpering. “Please, please I need more.”

    “Shhh, its ok baby. I’m going to give you everything you need.” He soothed before heading towards the bedroom. Each step he took he allowed her to sink down a little farther, her muscles gripping and shivering around his cock. Stepping up to the side of his bed he pulled almost all the way out, listening with satisfaction as her breath hitched in pleasure and protest. He lowered them to the bed before slamming back deep within her fucking her till he felt his orgasm coming closer and reached for her clit with his thumb, urging her to come before he gave into his own release.

    She lay there running her hand along his back, enjoying the firm muscles and the weight of him against her body. She wasn't sure what to expect when he levered himself up and looked down at her with that serious expression.“Its my turn. Please, lets give this a chance.”

    And smiling she could only pull him down to her lips and let her body do the begging.

    1. Oh my... it's hot in here.

    2. That's a wonderful complement.

    3. I'm not a serious writer, mostly I keep a journal and have fooled around on some writing sites but with no plans of publishing. I know I made a few mistakes on this when I was trying to shorten it to fit the rules but besides that and some capitalization errors I would love some feedback on my writing. When it's me doing the writing I can't feel if it flows well or not. Thanks for your time!

    4. I can give you some feedback but it would be easier to do if I could see the original section... This portion of the writing feels detached to me. It is hot, don't get me wrong. But the flow feels a bit off. I would love to give you a more accurate review if you would like me to do this please post the section you want reviewed either to my facebook account, here, or to my email

    5. if only there's a thumb's up up button i will click it. ;) This is interesting

    6. actually, this is all there is...when I finished writing the piece out for your contest there were 696 words so I did have to do some cutting back which is where the typos came from. Thanks for helping me out though!

  5. Garrett was quite the dancer and he loved showing off Clair and how he was able to run his hand down her back and grab a handful of her ass while they danced. As they left the table for the dance floor again, Brody placed his hand on Faye’s leg, above the knee just under her skirt. It seemed like an innocent gesture so she didn’t react. However, there was a lull in their conversation and Brody turned to look at her. As Faye looked towards him, and his hand began to slide further up her leg. Her heart was pounding in her chest. He stopped just short of her black lace panties, which were fairly wet by now.
    “You’re hot.” Brody stated.
    She looked away embarrassed, “Am I?”
    “Yes, here…” He said tapping her thigh with his finger, and then kissing her temple, “and here.”
    Looking again at him, she smiled. Damn she wanted him!
    He adjusted himself in the booth to lean towards her. His hand slid back down to her knee; he then lifted her leg over his leg, spreading her open to him. “Just relax.” He whispered in her ear.
    The shock of what she was sure was about to happen washed over her quickly. Their actions would be hidden to everyone due to the low lights and the abundant tablecloth, which he pulled up into her lap. He stayed close to her face, dropping searing kisses along her face as his hand slid back up her thigh. He cooed to her, telling her how wonderful her hair smelled, how beautiful her skin was, but she hardly heard him. Her senses were focused on the touch of his fingers pulling aside her panties. Gently he slid a finger inside her; she thought she would faint. She was sure she could feel the ridges of his fingerprints as he slowly slid in and out of her several times. Her breath was shallow and she felt like she would cum, when he suddenly stopped. He kept his finger inside her not moving, firmly telling her not to move. She looked up to see Clair and Garrett approaching the booth, and then she looked at Brody in panic.
    He looked her straight in the eye and said, “Do Not Move!”
    Faye cleared her throat and tried to regain composure, without moving, she smiled at Clair.
    “You two look comfy!” Clair grinned, “Listen, I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to take Garrett home, can you grab a ride with Brody?”
    Before she had a chance to answer, Brody spoke up, “Of course, I’d be glad to see Faye home.” He wiggled his finger ever so slightly.
    As Clair and Garrett finished their drinks and prepared to leave, Brody continued to torture her, lightly tapping her clit with his thumb, which throbbed, pleading to be satisfied. Her pussy involuntarily clenched against his finger. Brody felt the pressure and smirked, pulling his finger away, he whispered, “Not until I say you can.”

  6. Jol lifted up momentarily to grab the nightgown and pull. One swift motion and the entire garment was in shreds on the floor. Macy gasped and tried to cover herself, but Jol stopped her. Jol began to kiss her again, slowly moving down her neck to her breast. She never wanted anyone as much as she wanted Jol at this moment. He continued to move down as she laced her hands into his hair. He continued to ravish her nipples going from one to the other. Her moans became deeper as he continued to move lower. Jol was between her thighs rubbing his cheeks against her taking in her wonderful smell. He held her thighs in place as his nose rubbed against her clit. She took in a deep breath and moaned slowly. His tongue then ran the line of her slit. His was textured and slightly rough bringing on a whole new sensation to her core. Macy tried to buck but his hold held her still. Jol took his mouth and grabbed a hold of her bundle of nerves and sucked hard. Macy's moans became louder with every stroke of his tongue, with every suck from his lips. “Jol Please! I can't take it!”
    He continued to lick and nudge until she was on the verge of coming when she felt his tongue dive into her pussy. Macy shook with orgasm and Jol continued to torture her clit until she fell hard into the mattress with satisfaction. Macy slid her hand down his body to his cock and tried to wrap her hand around it. Her finger and thumb wouldn't even touch. Jol moaned in her mouth as they continued to kiss. Macy began to pump him up and down his shaft from tip to base, moving her hand is circles as she did. Jol growled and became more turned on. He became hard as steel and started rocking in her hand harder.
    She could feel the head of his shaft up against her heat and she moan as he slowly entered her. “Please Jol, move. I need you.” He kissed her and they moved together, pumping into each other over and over again. He continued to kiss at her neck and shoulders as her hands clawed at his muscular back. She had never felt like this, never knew it could be this way. Macy shattered around Jol milking him for everything he had as he began his own orgasm. She could feel his hot sperm spreading all throughout. He collapsed on top of her, making sure to leave room for her to be able to breathe.
    “I never thought it could be like that,” Macy stated out of breath.

  7. "Baby, I promise you will beg, moan, whimper and scream in pleasure before the night is over." His voice was dark, heated. "Which should we start with?" His body pressed her tight to the wall, surrounding her with hard, aroused male.
    "Calix, please... I need...." she panted softly against his neck.
    "Now, that's a sweet start." he growled. His work rough hands skimmed up her thighs dragging her skirt to her waist. Bold fingers dipped between her lips, circling her clit with gentle light strokes.
    "Oh, God, a little more." her nails gripping his shoulders as sighs and moans pasted her trembling lips. A small hot lick brushed his neck as she raised one leg to wrap around his jean clad hip.
    "Do you want me to make you scream now? " he whispered as his fingers increased their pace.
    "Yes." Hips grinding as he drew tighter circles around her slick button.
    "Then, scream for me, baby." he breathed against her temple as two fingers entered her wet heat and his thumb slide up to brush her clit with demanding pressure.

    Her stomach quivered, her legs trembled as her head fell back against the wall, lips parted "CALIX!"
    "Let's see how many more times I can make you scream my name." he said as he lifted her and walked down the shadowed hallway.

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    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate the compliment

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  10. Oh no, I can't participate :(
    English is not my birth language, so I'm not enough good :/
    Too bad, I'll wait the next contest !

    1. You can still enter, it won't hurt and I know that Ditter and Laurann and anyone else that is judging the contest will take into account that you are still working on your English. Give yourself a chance, you might be really good

    2. Thanks for those encouraging words :)
      I will try to write something !

  11. This is from something I wrote a while back, hope you enjoy it. By the way, people sure do know how to write! GREAT stories!!!

    She was moaning and I felt her let herself go as if for the first time. I kissed her, my hands roaming as I felt her body beneath me. I looked down at her and she looked so beautiful. Her lips were plump from my kisses. I took off her panties and kissed my way down her lush body. As my fingers slide through her folds, I groaned.
    “You’re so wet for me.”
    Then the most beautiful sound came from her mouth. “Oh.” My mouth was on her pussy, my fingers in her, all the while my eyes were on her face, watching her orgasm.
    “Oh god, Jason, god. Fuck me now, please.” I came up her body, opening her legs as wide as I could and put my cock at her entrance.
    “How badly do you want it?” She looked at me, her eyes firm and said, “I want you to fuck me so hard and fast, now, please.” Something pulled at me inside. The sight of her being bold, making her desires known after keeping them restrained for what looked like so long made my cock harder.
    “Put my cock in you.” She grabbed my cock, pushed it in her entrance. She gripped me tightly, and in one shot, I filled her fully. Her face was beautiful, head leaned back, lips parted, eyes closed. “Fuck you feel so warm and tight.”
    She opened her eyes. “You feel good in me too...oh. Fuck me harder. Faster. Fuck...yes!” Her legs wrapped around me and I fucked her hard. “Jason,” she moaned.
    “Look at me.” Her eyes opened, gazing into mine. Our arms entwined, our bodies melting as one. And then I felt it, saw it on her face. She tightened around me. “Oh god Jason I’m...” Her eyes shut as she drifted into her pleasure.
    “You’re what baby, tell me.”
    “I’m coming...” Her screams got louder the harder and faster I pounded into her. Only when she finished, did I let myself come.
    We stayed there for a while, breathing hard, staring at each other. Finally, I forced myself to pull out of her. I tugged her in front of me, while her ass was cupping my cock and my hand laid on her breast.
    “Hmm,” was the sleepy reply she uttered.
    “Do you usually get cold at night?”
    “Sometimes, but I have your arms around me tonight,” she said as she snuggled up to me. Her breathing slowed down and she was beginning to fall asleep. I had a feeling she was going to get cold so I lifted her up and put the blanket over us. Snuggling our bodies together, I kissed her shoulder and fell asleep. For the first time, I felt like I was home.

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  14. The storage room door slammed shut just as she heard a low growl behind her. Frozen in her place she was barely able to look over her shoulder to find who or what it was. She really didn't have to look. She knew. He was here. Her gorgeous boss, the dream of her fantasy.
    Behind the loaded shelves, in the darkness of the corner, he drew a long breath. Her scent electrified him. The time had finally come.
    Slowly, his heavy footsteps stalked her. His back brushed hers as his arms trapped her to the door. He leaned into her neck inhaling deeply.
    "Sweet." His voice vibrated against her spine. She shivered uncontrollably as his tongue traced a line from her shoulder to the shell of her ear. “You smell like peaches.” He savored the skin of her neck “And honey.”
    Her breath caught in her throat as she waited for his next move. Turning her head slowly she gasped into his heated blue eyes.
    "What are you doing here Mr. Hanover?" she asked him.
    “I'm here to claim you. Allison. You Are. Mine." He whispered as his right hand moved to her waist and made a slow assent to her breast. He circled her nipple as she shivered involuntarily at his touch. His other hand skimmed down to the hem of her skirt dragging the fabric up to her core.
    "No panties. Nice." He said as he dipped a finger inside. "Ahh, ready for me. Good."
    He moved his hand lazily as her head fell back against his chest. She could feel herself clenching with every swipe of his thumb. "Oh no, I can't."
    "You can" He rasped, "and you will. Submit to me."
    Those words melted her. She felt herself open. "Yes." She whispered breathlessly.
    He pulled her against him grinding himself into her ass. She moaned low in her throat. He turned her around roughly backing her to the door. He brushed her lips with his. "You are so beautiful."
    Unbuttoning her blouse his mouth descended. He kissed the swells of her breast above her bra. Unhooking the front closure he claimed his prize. Her hands reached up into his dark hair to hold him close.
    He smiled “Ready for me.” It wasn’t a question. He stared into her eyes as he stepped back unbuckling his pants. She held her breath as his zipper opened and his erection overflowed out. Her breath caught in her throat as she closed her eyes finally admitting her joy.
    He slid his hands up her thighs cupping her ass. Lifting her smoothly from the floor he entered her in one move. She dug her hands into the muscles of his shoulders as she threw back her head moaning. She looked back into his eyes and kissed him hard. Their tongue lashed together roughly as they moved together. Their breath was harsh with need.

    Frantically they moved together
    "I knew it would be this good" She shook as her orgasm started to unfurl. Her muscles held him tightly as she tried to hold him in.
    He clutched her to him as he released into he, then the phone rang.
    “Hanover Investments.” Recited the secretary beside her.
    Allison looked up at the office around her. Damn, she did it again. She closed her eyes. At her job, fantasizing about her boss. Sure way to get herself fired.
    Picking up her files from the desk she stepped around her desk into the man of her dreams.
    “Allison,” he smiled down on her” where are you off to?”
    Just the storage room, Mr. Hanover.” She smiled.
    “Here,” he said taking the files” Let me help you.”
    And she did.


  15. Faith couldn’t believe she was in a hotel room at the Blackwell Hotel, lying in bed with a man who she never met or even knew his name. Feeling a hand creep up the side of her breast, Faith turned to see her mystery man staring at her with lust in his green eye. Smiling, Faith leaned over to kiss his lips feeling bold for the first time in her life. Hearing a moan, she was shocked that it came from her. As they parted lips, her green eye mystery man trailed kisses down her neck till he had one rosy bud in his mouth sucking while the other hand trailed down towards her pussy all the while pushing two digits in pumping slowly in and out, then faster demanding her to give him her juices. Faith felt alive aching and needy. Faith wanted more, heck she didn’t care if she had to beg as long as she got what she wanted, no needed. She almost whimpered when he trailed kisses past her bellybutton till he found what he desired most. Faith hissed with pleasure when her mystery man plunged his tongue inside licking her pussy walls coaxing her as he sucked her dry, and then started all over again torturing her with his tongue.
    “Please!” Faith moved her head back and forth as she pleaded for more. the fire burning more with each lick and tease. A wicked smile formed on those sexy lips before he moved on top of her stopping inches away from her pussy, while moving his hips side to side in a slow torture movement making his cock tease her pussy lips.
    “Please!” Faith begged again, shaking her head back and forth wanting more. With a satisfying hiss Faith felt him push inside her till he was placed all the way in her pussy.
    Moving her hips to meet his, Faith felt his big cock stretching her pussy walls making her clamp with need. They moved as one pushing hips at a fast pace till the speed increased to maxima. Faith felt her walls tighten right before a burning pleasure took its place making her screamed her release. Then a deep moan followed as her mystery man spilled his seed deep inside her. Faith felt happy for the first time in a long time. Rolling over after they cleaned them self, sleep consumed her till darkness followed.
    Faith opened her eyes wincing from what took last night, rolling over to greet her green eye man. Faith noticed a note was in his place. Dreading what was written Faith read the note.

    Last night was wonderful, Love.

    Signed Elliott, CEO of Blackwell’s hotel

    Faith felt horrified that the one man she decided to have a one night stand with was the man she read about or saw on TV. Groaning, Faith rolled over deciding to worry over the fact that she slept with a millionaire later. It’s not like she would see him again. Right?

  16. Luke & Callie

    Her lips are soft like rose petals. As she parts her lips I take that as an invitation and my tongue invades her mouth. I begin to pull the hem of her shirt up and she pulls back. I see uncertainty in her eyes. I brush my thumb over her lips and ask her if she can trust me to me make love to her. Callie nods. I slowly pull her shirt up over her head and remove her bra. Slowly I take one nipple into my mouth. Callie lets a moan of pleasure slip. I suck on it and flick it. Then I turn my attention to her other hard bud. Biting it lightly before sucking it into my mouth. Then I push her back on the bed as I pull off her jeans and thong. I follow her onto the bed settling between her legs. She tries to close them and speak. I place a finger over her lips asking her to let me love her. Nodding she opens her legs wide. Her folds glistening in juices. Her taste explodes on my tongue as I take long strokes from her slit to her swollen nub. Then I focus on her clit with alternating flicks and suckling. As I thrust a finger into her tight channel I look up to see Callie’s eyes on me. Her breaths shallow. I feel her tightening around my finger and know she is close. Adding a second finger sends her over. She arches up off the bed with a scream. I replace my fingers with my tongue and lap up every last drop.

    I come up between her legs placing my cock’s head at her entrance. I meet her pleading eyes and reach down to fondle her breasts. As she relaxes I surge my cock in reaching her virginal barrier. Leaning down I take possession of her mouth to muffle her cries as I push thru with a forceful thrust. Holding still as her body adjusts to my invasion. She begins to relax and accept my cock. I slowly start to move. Increasing my thrusts in response to her moans. Her channel is so tight and I feel her ready to explode again. I demand she looks at me. Her fingers biting into my shoulders as I fuck her pussy. My name passes her lips as she finds her release.

    I can’t wait any longer. I flip her over on her hand and knees. I plant kisses on her shoulders as I reach around rubbing her clit. She pants that she can’t do it again. I tell her that she can and will cum again for me. I rub her clit faster and faster. My body slapping against hers with each thrust. I can feel her getting close. Then she drops her head in submission and lets the orgasm take her over. I come up over her back in my own release. My teeth clamping down on Callie, my mate.

  17. I could hear the water running in the bathroom as I came into the bedroom. I had just got off from work and was longing for a shower myself but my boyfriend Nick must have beaten me to it. Hmmm, though.............why wait? I looked in the mirror and tousled my hair to look presentable for Nick and went into the bathroom shedding clothes as I went till all I was wearing was a white t-shirt and lacy pink bikinis. I pulled the shower curtain back to reveal Nick's body. The wet pellets grazed his body making me long for his tight firm muscles to be holding me. He was already pleasuring himself stroking his hand up and down over the shaft.....making him jump when he saw me. I smirked at him, "Need a hand?"
    "Oh, baby, you know it.........he pulled me in the shower...........and he pulled me down towards his manhood as I caressed it with my tongue softly and gently. He then grabbed me back towards him, "It's your turn," He said, as he looked at me with increasing desire. The water hit me with full force showing how hard my nipples were through the soaked t-shirt. He kissed me with the same intensity as the cascading waterfall. His lips felt heavenly as he moved down towards my neck and finally discarded my wet t-shirt on the floor. He rubbed one nipple gently while he took the other breast in his mouth teasing and sucking the nipple and then took turns with the other. "I can't let any part of your body feel left out." Nick said, with his voice dripping with lusting desire.
    I brought him to my lips again in a deep kiss and softly said, "You are forgetting the most important part."
    He grinned at me "I could never forget any part of you, especially your sweet pussy." He said as he made a tour of kisses down my smooth white skin to where I ached for him the most. He pulled my lacy pink bikinis down and he slowly took his tongue and tasted my deliciousness. . Then switched from rubbing my breasts to stroking my pussy. Then slowly made his way back to kissing me and finally plunged into me going faster and faster till we moved in one rhythm movement while we both moaned with pleasure leaving us in ultimate happiness. Now that was a refreshing shower!

  18. Vren pulled her close and Bethany's lips parted slightly as if begging for his tongue. He bent over to claim her mouth. A powerful jolt of desire shook him the instant their lips touched. She tasted of sweet passion and he slipped his tongue inside to explore. Her mouth opened to his assault and her tongue teased his. Their kiss turned heated, each seeking to devour the other to quench their craving.
    Keeping her locked in his embrace with one arm, he used his free hand to part the top of her robe. Slowly, Vren slipped his hand inside to capture one breast and discovered another garment blocking his way. The thin material allowed him to feel her nipple harden to a pert nub against his palm as he squeezed the lush mound. It filled his large hand perfectly. Her intoxicating scent drove him wild while her little mewls of desire spurred him onward. He trailed his hand downward, seeking and finding the bottom of her shirt.
    At that point, indecision tore at him. He could spend a few moments removing her clothing or he could explore further. Curiosity won out. His hand dipped down to find her body completely nude from the waist down. Sliding his palm over skin so smooth only reinforced his desire to lick every inch of her. He didn’t stop the descent until one of his fingers parted her slit. She moaned and tipped her hips forward, inviting him inside. She did not have hair like some humanoid females. He wouldn’t have cared either way. Her soft sex was slick and dripping with desire. His cock swelled in anticipation of plunging deep inside her as his need for her grew.
    When he thrust a finger inside her channel and began to steadily pump in and out, she trembled in his arms, breaking off their kiss to whisper his name. Vren thought he might burst from his pouch. He could hardly believe she was so responsive, so different from D’Lyrian females.
    Since she did not seem to appreciate some of the sounds he made, he fought back the desire to yowl out in elation after he tested the depth of her sheath and discovered she could accept his length. His arm tightened around her, holding her captive. Bethany practically rode his finger, moving in unison with his thrusts. He slipped another finger inside her channel to join the first. She gasped, clinging to him desperately as he stroked both fingers in her soaked pussy, making sure he rubbed the base of his palm on her clit. The little nub stiffened, swelling in readiness for his tongue to tease and his lips to suck.
    She moaned in protest when he removed his fingers but he sealed his lips on hers in a possessive kiss. She clung to him, sinking her nails in his shoulders firm enough to let him know she did not want him to release her. Vren couldn’t imagine letting her go, ever.


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