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Loose Id Call for Submissions:

     Call for Submissions: 

Eostre's Baskets
Sundae's Custom Adult Easter Baskets
your sexily ever after guaranteed

Whether she's your wife, your girlfriend, the girl next door, your best friend, the veterinarian, or she's a he. Whether you're straight, gay, or somewhere in between, monogamous or polyamorously inclined. Whether you're already together, separated, or you've never met, Sundae's has just what you need to make this Easter the best beginning of the rest of your lives - together. 

Our Easter baskets are one-of-a-kind, perfectly tailored to your needs. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and we'll do the rest. 

- - - - - - - - - 

This Easter, give the couple or threesome or moresome of your writerly imagination an Easter basket made especially for them by the Goddess Eostre. It's guaranteed to be perfect, guaranteed to lead your heroes and heroines to the love beyond their wildest dreams. No catches, no strings, and no returns. 

Loose Id is looking for proposals for Easter stories centering around Eostre's baskets. What's in the baskets and who they're for, even how they get there are up to you. 

The deets:

* Sundae's website is transdimensional, so your stories can be any genre where a website could exist - contemporary, urban fantasy/paranormal, sff, suspense, lgbttq, multiracial, BBW, BDSM, menage, whatever you like with these exceptions: stories may not be about Eostre or any other gods; interactions with Eostre are through the website only and emails are signed "Essie"; characters may speculate, but they're not to know that they're dealing with a goddess, or that she is Eostre. 

* Baskets may contain anything you need to make the story work out sexily ever after, for example: food, candy, cookies, the traditional stuff; sex toys, bondage gear; the key to a locked treasure; a will with an inheritance; an invitation to a masked ball; a wedding ring; crucial evidence; a lost pet, and so on.

* Baskets will be delivered to the *right* person, whether it's the person the basket was ordered for or not; refunds are automatic but no second basket will be made.

* Stories from 25-45K

* Proposals of a synopsis and three chapters due by November 15; accepted stories will be contracted and must be complete by no later than December 30.

Stories should follow regular LI submissions guidelines. Send completed proposals to your editor or, if you don't have an editor, to and cc with the subject heading Eostre's Baskets.

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DitterCon 2014!

        For all who are attending DitterCon...I am so looking forward to seeing you there! Party Friday night ;)


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Spotlight on DL Jackson!

     On the couch with DL Jackson!
Thank you for coming, DL Jackson! Get comfy...I have a few questions for you. Great book by the way! :)

 Comment for a chance to win a copy of Endris Night! Great story!

What was your first 1Night Stand story? Can you tell us a little about it?
My first 1 Night Stand story was, Cinderella Wore Combat Boots. It was about a Marine First Sergeant who is retiring due to an injury received while deployed and the party the Marines in her unit throw her a party and set her up on a date, all to show her that life doesn’t have to end with the Marine Corps.
Do you have any others? Can you tell us a little about them?
I have three other stories that are published with the 1 Night Stand series. Those would be This Endris Night, a mix between paranormal and science fiction. The story is part of a Christmas collection and takes place in Alaska. The heroine is a Yupik supermodel and the hero is from out of this world. Seducing Liberty is a time travel/menage story. The heroine is a movie star, the heroes men from the past who are part of Washington’s Culper Spy Ring during the Revolutionary War. And last but not least, My Boogie Woogie Bugle Guy. This is a contemporary military romance with a less than typical hero—an Army trumpet player. This one’s got a Big Brass 40’s recreation Swing Party and some fun scenes that play off the quirkier side of my humor.
Do you have any other 1 Night Stand stories in the works? Can you share an excerpt or two?
Currently I have one under contract that should be coming out at the end of this year. That would be, Being Prince Charming, and it follows Cinderella Wore Combat Boots. I have several in the works. Three more of the military fairytales, Waking Beauty, The Princess and the Frogman and Beauty and the Brigadier. I also have an un-named 1 Night Stand, that follows This Endris Night.
These are all unedited excerpts, so please excuse any errors or typos.
Being Prince Charming:
Lissa left and never came back, going home to where they’d been high school sweethearts, even if her family had long since moved on. Gunny crumpled the divorce decree and tossed it in the trash, refusing to hold onto the one souvenir he’d retained from his marriage with Lissa. Gone were their wedding pictures, the dishes, pots and pans, everything that had made their off-camp apartment a home, including the woman he still loved. He surveyed the room. Except for a few pieces of outdoor plastic furniture, it was as empty as his life.
No matter how he tried, he couldn’t wrap his mind around the finality and accept it. Marines didn’t give up. He picked up his bags and walked out the door, not bothering to lock the door behind him.
Anyone who wanted it, could have the remnants of his life. He’d finally retired from the Marine Corps, and thanks to Cori, he’d secured a job working for Sol’s company, Protect and Serve. Not that it mattered, without Lissa he had no reason to care, but it would help him to get by until he could figure out how to get his wife back.
Make that ex-wife.
And he would get her back. Eventually she’d come to her senses. No one could turn love off. He’d be the one to know. His heart ached constantly for the woman he’d once had. He’d been an idiot not to listen to what she said, to put the Corps before her. Hindsight being twenty-twenty and all that, he decided it was time to man up, improvise, adapt and overcome.
He strode up to the unsexiest vehicle a man could own, a fifteen year old minivan with rusty doors, a black cloud of smoke that followed wherever he drove it, and a driver’s side door wouldn’t open. He tossed his bags in the back, and climbed over the passenger seat to take his place behind the wheel. He patted his pockets and extracted the key, wondering why he even bothered to remove it from the ignition. A thief would be doing him a favor to steal it.

Waking Beauty: 
My name is Chief Warrant Officer Alexandria Larson. I fly an Apache as one of the elite Nightstalkers. If you are reading this, I probably didn’t make it back from Afghanistan alive. Know that I entrusted this document to a chaplain on the installation I was stationed out of, who was to contact Madame Eve at 1 Night Stand for directions where to send this, in the event something happened.
I needed you to know why I stood you up.
This was my third deployment, but everything felt wrong from the moment I set my boots down on Khandahar airfield. It was why I enlisted the help of an online dating service. I wanted to experience love on my terms—if only for a night, and if I made it home, I promised myself I would.
All my life I’ve pretended to be someone I wasn’t, but if you are like me, you know what I’m talking about. The, don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the military, prevented me from coming out as a lesbian for many years. Even after it was lifted, I felt I couldn’t come clean about who I was—at least not to Uncle Sam. Being one of the few female combat helicopter pilots for the Army came with a cost.
It was hard enough to earn the respect of my peers, and as you read this, you’ll understand more why I did what I did. I’m only sorry that I never got to meet you.
I knew from the moment Madame Eve contacted me and told me about you, that you were all I ever dreamed of. Smart, beautiful. And my heart ached that you were alone—like me. I wanted to kiss you. Hold you. Your picture...I’ve carried it with me since I received it in the file from the dating service.

The Princess and the Frogman:
“I asked you not to judge me. It’s not crazy, considering all I have to lose. I have to make this one night count. I may never have another chance. So, what was that question again?”
Amanda sighed. “Your ideal man?”
“Tall. Handsome.” Elizabeth closed her eyes. “Let’s see...he’ll have dark hair, a stomach I could do the laundry on, or lick chocolate from. His smile will be enough to make me drop my panties and....” She smiled.
“Hung.” Elizabeth looked over at Amanda and winked.
Amanda choked on her drink, spewing it across the beach shelter. “Excuse me, miss virgin. Hung?”
“Yes. If I’m going to have sex one time in my life, I want a big....” Elizabeth lifted her hands in the air and stretched them about a foot apart.
“Right. Are you sure?”
“Yes. Put it down.” She leaned back and rested her eyes again, listening to the waves and the squawks of the birds above.
“Got it. Big dick.” Amanda started typing and suddenly stopped. “Oh, good lord.”
Elizabeth cracked an eye and studied her best friend. “What?”
“I think your order just came in with the tide.”
“You’re kidding.” She sat up and began to scan the beach, not seeing anything that looked like what Amanda mentioned. She did spot a little old man in a Speedo two sizes too big, wrinkles hanging over the fabric, making it appear smaller than what it really was. The baggy ass and leg openings where his junk partially hung out, gave away the fact it didn’t fit him, but blech..the guy was about ninety, and she so didn’t need to see that after just having lunch. Bitch. Seriously? “Ha, ha. Very funny.”
“I assure you, I’m not kidding. I just creamed my bikini bottoms. Not over there.” Amanda reached over, gripped her under the chin and redirected her gaze to the left. “Look at that. Come to mama.”
Walking down the beach in a black and red wet suit with the top peeled down to hang around his hips, a set of fins in one hand and a snorkel in the other, was the man she’d just described. “Holy shit. I want that one. He’s perfect.”

Un-named 1NS:
Now games, Lucas knew, and if anyone could show the bastard what he’d lost, it would be him. As she continued to talk, Lucas knew he would grant her last request, give her the night of her life, and show her first fling what he’d walked away from.
He knew this Madam Eve, had applied to her service to get close to prey before. He’d never gotten a response from her either, so he chose to crash her party in Alaska the year before, and found himself chin deep in an ocean of shit. If Nadia hadn’t had a response from Eve yet, chances were she wasn’t getting one. But there was no reason he couldn’t fulfill her request. He’d certainly paid for it, in more than one way.
He could step in and pretend to be that date and nobody would know. He’d also show her how a real man could worship her body. And then he’d kill her. He had no choice. He was a Tracker and Trackers didn’t let hybrids escape—with the exception of the last one who’d saved his life.
“Well, I’m not suppossed to be here after six, so I suppose I’ll see you in the morning.” She rose to her feet and started up the stairs. As she exited the chamber, Lucas’s stone exterior cracked and turned to dust, leaving him crouching on the stone pedestal in his true image. He hopped down, wearing a tee shirt, khaki pants and work boots. A quick dust off and he took off running toward the secret passage, hoping to cut her off.
Lucas skidded around a corner, pressed a block on the wall, and ran into the dark, using his enhanced vision to navigate the passage. He stopped in front of a wall, pushed another block and the wall slid open. He stepped into the narrow passageway. His people had provided the blueprints for the temple thousands of years before, making sure they were designed as they had been on his world. Not hard to figure out where hidden rooms and corridors sat, the sister to this temple sat in his home city of Qwurwa.
As soon as the passageway closed, Doctor Crane came around the corner and ran head-on into him. “Oh.” She staggered back. “I didn’t realize anyone else was....” Her mouth dropped open when she looked up into his eyes. “Here.”
Lucas caught her arms, steadying her. He raised a brow and gave her his best panty-melting smile. Trackers were hand-picked from youth. Only children that possessed certain attributes had the honor to train as one. They were intelligent, comely and warriors. A lethal combination that helped them to get closer to their prey. Whoo hoo for genetics. “Doctor Crane.”
“I fear you have me at a disadvantage.” She bit her lip, but didn’t shrug out of his hold. “And you are?”

 Comment for a chance to win a copy of Endris Night! Great story!