Friday, May 30, 2014

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist

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Linda moves to a small town to live a quieter and simpler life. She opens a bookstore and makes new friends. Life is simple--that is until the dead body washes up on shore. Linda is horrified to find that dead bodies and disappearing tourists are common for this town. As soon as the sun sets, she and her friends are stalked by dark shadows. But this is only the beginning.

Linda and her group receive an unsigned invitation to a party at the deserted house on the hill. They are pursued through revolving rooms and dangerous traps, barely escaping with their lives. Two of their own remain trapped in the house. Or so they think. To save themselves and the town, they must reveal the true face of evil--the one controlling the game and its elusive players.
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Susanne Leist graduated with an MBA in finance. Her life has led her through the hectic commodities market and the number-crunching field of budgeting, but she always continued to read and daydream...which ultimately led to the fulfillment of her dream to put one of her stories on paper for everyone to enjoy. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband, two daughters, and Maltese dog.

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