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USA Today recommended series-The Seeker

                                         Book three available May 20, 2014

His voice rumbled from under her ear. “Damn it, Ember. We’re not alone.”
She listened for sounds of the shower running. Satisfied, she took hold of Angel’s hand and backed out of his embrace. “Then we better hurry.”
His eyes were dark with desire and something else she couldn’t name. He wanted her. That was all she needed to know.
He suddenly scooped her off her feet before she could suck in a breath. “You’re not sore?”
Heat spread across her face. She was a little tender between her thighs from their previous sexual encounter, but it didn’t matter as long as she could have him inside her. She shook her head.
“I won’t be gentle. It’ll be hard and fast.”
Wetness slicked her panties. “I know.”

                                            "Steamy, suspenseful, with a touch of humor."
                                             NYTimes bestselling author Dianne Duvall

                                                      Book Two

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He grabbed her and spun her toward the dresser. Her hands flattened on the wooden top to catch herself. “Look at me, Ember.”
They made eye contact in the mirror. Her mouth opened on a small gasp as he pressed his erection against her ass. “We are the same, you and me.”
Her breathing grew choppy. The defiant look in her eyes only turned him on more. “We’re not.”
Without warning he reached around her, gripped her collar, and ripped her shirt open down the front. He tore it from her body and tossed it behind him. He jerked her arms up and flattened her hands on the glass, locking both wrists together in one of his big hands.
“Think, Ember.” He cupped one of her breasts.
“Let me go.” She tried to twist free but was no match for his strength. Her body yearned for his touch even as her head rebelled against his words.

Book One

He paused with his hand on the knob. “Lock this behind me.” Without another word, he eased the door open and stepped out onto the porch, shutting it softly behind him.
Ember engaged the locks and rested her forehead against the cool wood. I’m sorry, Clay.
A pair of big hands flattening against the door on either side of her head startled her.
“Boyfriend?” Angel’s deep voice rumbled in her ear. His intoxicating scent surrounded her in a cocoon of warmth and need that left her weak.
She couldn’t answer. Apparently her ability to speak had left with the detective.
“No?” He prompted with a slide of his lips across her temple.
Heat flew through her body from the point of contact to pool between her thighs. She could only shake her head.
A soft growl echoed around her. “He kissed you.”
The rest of her thought fled when something hard pressed against her ass. It didn’t matter that he was a complete stranger questioning, dominating her as long as he didn’t stop.
“Close your eyes…Ember Burns.” The command was gentle, yet firm.
Her lids slid shut. Even the endearment was sexual. She’d never had sex with a complete stranger before, but something about him felt right.

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