Thursday, November 20, 2014

FREE books!

As with anything else in life, there are two sides to every story. As most know, I write romantic suspense for adults. It's what I love to do and will probably always do.
After the release of Scruples a couple of months ago, I began receiving requests from some of the locals in my hometown for a PG version of the story.
Scruples is based out of DeFuniak Springs, FL and many of the locals here are elderly or their family line dates back to the 1800's. Understandable that many would want the story without the sex or R-rated language, so, I gave it to them. I have written a young adult version of Scruples for the minority.
Now, to answer the question I have been hit with the most. "I am not planning on leaving adult romance behind to write YA. I am simply making the stories I write accessible to everyone who'd enjoy reading them.
I hope you enjoy :)

Young Adult version is FREE on amazon from November 27-Dec 1st.
Adult version-FREE on amazon from Nov 29-Dec3d.
Be sure to pick up the copy of your choice.
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