Friday, January 20, 2017

Multiple Prize Giveaway!

We're Giving Away...
THREE - 100.00 Gift Cards to the winner's choice of Amazon-Barnes and Noble-Kobo or iTunes.
Five- 50.00 Gift Cards
Five- 25.00 Gift Cards
Five 15.00 Gift Cards
Five 10.00 Gift Cards
Personalized Signed Copies of your Choice of one of Ditter Kellen's Books to 10 winners!
That's a total of 33 winners in all!
I am asking readers to help me meet my pre- order goal!
One Winner will be selected for each of the above prizes!
Please spread the word. If I hit my goal, I'll double the prizes!
To Enter: Pre-Order Braum - Book 7 in the Bestselling Enigma Series. If you miss the pre-order date, you can still purchase a copy until Feb 20th. Same rules apply.
Email the Publisher- DK Media at with the order number found on your purchase receipt or a screenshot of your purchase.
***Entries accepted until Feb 20, 2017***
***Winners announced Feb 28, 2017***
Good luck and thank you for being so awesome!
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Amazon UK-
Amazon CA-
Nook-Updating soon
As the daughter of the vice president of the United States, Josie Reynolds must adhere to certain rules; very little interaction with the outside world, and definitely no contact with the deadly Bracadytes that live beneath. Until a chance meeting in the halls of the White House brings her face to face with the giant alien known as Braum. He's gorgeous, mysterious and undeniably dangerous. But the forbidden has always been Josie's weakness...
Watching the beautiful Josie from a distance is no longer enough for Braum. Though his head demands he stay away, his heart refuses to listen. Braum's entire world is turned upside down when he leaves with the vice president's daughter, and returns to Aukrabah. Danger, jealousy and desire all war together to create an explosion of passion that threatens to burn them alive. If they survive...


  1. Hi! I pre-ordered this book and sent the email to enter the giveaway, but I never heard back and haven't seen any post about the winners. I looked here and on Facebook and other blogs that listed this giveaway. I was just curious if I had won and who the winners were. Did you post the results somewhere? Thanks :)

  2. Hey, just following up on this... Can you please let me know where the winners list was posted or if this giveaway was extended? Or? Thanks :)

    1. Hi, Ally! Yes, the winners were posted last month on my author page by my admin. I'm sorry you missed it. I'll check with them to see if you were one of the winners. xoxo


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